Chris Harrison's 3 Biggest 'Bachelor' Revelations From THR's Exclusive Q&A

Chris Harrison GETTY - H 2016
Esther Horvath/Getty Images

Like G. Gordon Liddy and Gretchen Wieners, Chris Harrison is full of secrets.

The Bachelor host sees almost as many behind-the-scenes shenanigans of ABC's dating show as the producers themselves. So when The Hollywood Reporter grilled him ahead of the March 14 season finale, he had a lot to say. If you have not read the full Q&A — and, really, why haven't you? — here are three of the biggest takeaways.

1. There's a reason why viewers have seen less of him this season.
"One of our executive producers, Martin Hilton, came back in the middle of the game and took over postproduction and editing," said Harrison. "He's never been a big host-driven executive producer, When he's worked on the show in the past, he's edited me out, and that's his take this year. It's his prerogative. And it's how it goes. If he thinks it's best that way, and it is, then great. I just want the show to be successful."

2. Last year's headlines about Harrison hating Lifetime's Bachelor satire UnREAL were, perhaps, exaggerated.
"I took issue with one scene, and it got blown out of proportion," he said. "I actually haven't seen it. I don't watch much TV. I was flipping around, I saw one scene. Someone ran out and said "hold the roll" or some film term. I thought it looked inaccurate. It was very film. I really cannot even form an educated opinion, but people say they like it and very much based on what we do."

3. He may have a thing for Bachelor enthusiast (and past guest) Amy Schumer.
"We haven't set a date yet for our date, but I do think that Amy Schumer and I have a little thing," explained Harrison, who agreed to talk about his comments on "Women Tell All" with Schumer over wine. "There was, if not a little, maybe a lot of sexual tension built up. And I don't think it was just me reading into it. I think she was reaching out to me. I'm excited about where this could go. This could be a match made in heaven. This could be my Bachelor moment."