'The Bachelor' Finale Promo Teases 'Good vs. Courtney' (Video)

The Bachelor Fianle Ben Flajnik with Engagement Ring - H 2012

The Bachelor Fianle Ben Flajnik with Engagement Ring - H 2012

The Bachelor has reached the big week: The finale. On Monday, Ben Flajnik will choose either the gorgeous, game playing model Courtney, or the bubbly horse-riding blonde Lindzi.

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Ben’s season has been full of controversy as the other women of the house (and most of the audience watching the show) have turned against Courtney, who many feel is simply playing the game to win and does not care about Ben at all.

ABC is milking the drama for all it’s worth, creating a new promo for the finale that plays on the theme “Good vs. Courtney.” In it, Ben can be heard saying, “I’m not sure how this is going to end.”

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Ben and the final two will meet Ben’s family in Switzerland before he makes his final decision.

Will Ben choose Courtney, Lindzi or neither? Will he propose? Host Chris Harrison recently said in an interview that the finale and the “After the Finale” special will be “very different than any of the tabloids and fans think.”

Watch the preview below: