'The Bachelor' Finale: What the Viewers Are Saying

The Bachelor Finale Waiting - H 2012

The Bachelor Finale Waiting - H 2012

The bachelor has spoken, and so have the viewers.

Monday’s two-hour season 16 finale of ABC’s The Bachelor saw Ben Flajnik and potential brides Courtney and Lindzi travel to Zermatt, Switzerland, meet with Ben’s family, and take multiple helicopter rides. Viewers followed the drama and provided commentary via Twitter about Ben’s final choice and the women vying for his rose.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

“Courtney is perhaps a better actress than we realized. Will the real Courtney please stand up?” tweeted @dailycandy, after Courtney made a surprisingly good impression on Ben’s family.

'The Bachelor' Finale: Ben Flajnik Makes His Choice

Indeed, Ben’s mother and sister were surprised by how much they liked Courtney, who Ben’s sister had originally had misgivings about.

As the family discussed the women, the Twittersphere weighed in on Ben’s choices. Many were squarely in Lindzi’s court. When Ben told his family that Courtney had depth, @QCSarah tweeted:

“Courtney have depth? By that Doyle have to mean her multiple personality disorder. #bachelor”

Another disagreed with Ben’s sister, when she said one shouldn't judge a book by its cover after having a change of heart about Courtney.

“Yes you can,” the fan tweeted. She also included an unprintable comment about Courtney’s character.

However, after Courtney and Ben went on their final date, some viewers begrudgingly admitted the two made a striking pair.

Benand Courtney are cute together. I can't believe I just said that,” tweeted @briarney

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Some viewers mocked what they saw as a formulaic finale, full of Bachelor clichés. The multiple helicopter rides made for particularly good Twitter fodder.

“Every time a helicopter is used on the bachelor, take a shot!” tweeted @sarahtm12

When Ben chose Courtney as the woman he would propose to, multple viewers expressed disappointment, one calling Ben the “worst bachelor,” and another saying she was “disgusted” with Ben.

The Twitter response to the episode was overwhelmingly negative, but there were bright spots to the broadcast. For some viewers, the heavy advertising for Ashley Judd’s kidnapping drama Missing, about a mother whose son is kidnapped, was more interesting than the actual show.

“This show with Ashely Judd angrily looking for her son is actually based on the story of Ben's mom after the season finale of The Bachelor,” tweeted EmilyCOBrien.