'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Explains Why He Seems Boring on TV, Teases Finale (Video)


“Oh my dad.”

Those would be the three words The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik would use to describe Monday’s finale. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to the winemaker after the taping of the “Women Tell All” special about his appearance on TV, and the highly anticipated finale. "It's pretty epic," he said of the finale.

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While he couldn’t tell THR much about the top-secret finale, he did use his signature phrase for awe and wonderment (and which replaces “Oh my God”), which means that this finale is probably going to be full of lots of surprises.

The season 16 star will have to choose between two very different women on Monday’s finale. Lindzi is a bubbly blonde, who caught Ben’s attention on the very first night by riding in on a horse.

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Courtney, who may be one of the most controversial contestants to ever be on the show, is a model who irked the other women in the house with her aggressive game-playing with Ben. Many believe that the beauty is only in the game to win it, and does not truly care about Ben’s heart.

Ben will meet the final two women in Switzerland, where they will meet his family before he makes his final decision and perhaps proposes.

During the “Women Tell All” taping, Ben had agreed with one of the women that he came off a little boring on TV. (This part of the taping did not air, but read about it here.)

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THR asked the Bachelor star why he thought that was. “I don’t know. It’s unfortunate because I’ve got this kind of laid back, funny, personality, and all the girls kind of stuck up for me, too, which is nice,” he said.

Ben added that he comes off as very serious on the show. “It’s out of my hands," he said, adding that he didn't want to blame the editors of the show.

When asked what his frame of mind was walking into the “Women Tell All” special, Ben joked, “Can I curse?”

“You’re walking into the lion's den,” he said. “You’ve already said goodbye to these women and they’re incredible women and you didn’t want to do it in the first place.”

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