'The Bachelor' Finale: Ben Flajnik Makes His Choice

Season 16 finale saw the final two women in Zermatt, Switzerland, with Ben.

It's been a long journey for The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik. He's traveled the world with beautiful women, trying to find "The One". Along the way, he's jumped out of helicopters, climbed bridges, skied down the streets of San Francisco and had plenty of romantic dinners.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

On Monday, his final decision was revealed.

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Ben had to choose between bubbly blonde Lindzi, and the stunning model, Courtney. The trio spent the final episode in Zermatt, Switzerland, where the ladies met Ben's family.

Flajnik chose Courtney on the finale episode after spending time with both women and having them meet his family. He proposed on the show.

Ben's choice Courtney has been a controversial contestant from early on. Many of the other women in the house have expressed their dislike for Courtney because they feel she is simply playing games, and not interested in Ben's heart.

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At the "Women Tell All" special, in a surprise twist, Courtney appeared onstage. The final two women do not usually attend the special. She was met with harsh words from the other women, who accused her of being "a liar, vapid, manipulative" and overall a very bad person. Courtney attempted to apologize, but overall it fell on deaf ears.

Both Courtney and Lindzi had a real connection with Ben from the start. Lindzi was given the "first impression rose" on the very first night after she impressed Ben by showing up to the house on a horse.

Courtney caught Ben's attention with her intense flirting, even convincing him to go skinny dipping with him in one episode.