'The Bachelor': Lindzi Reflects on the Finale, Says She's 'In a Really Good Place Now'

The runner up for Ben Flajnik's heart also denies reports that she reunited with her ex after the show.

Lindzi Cox was one of the final two women vying for Ben Flajnik's heart on the finale of The Bachelor.

[Warning: Spoilers from Monday's episode ahead.]

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In Switzerland on Monday's episode, the bubbly blonde was turned down by Ben, who chose to propose to model Courtney.

As she walked away, Lindzi told Ben to call her if things didn't work out with Courtney. However, on Tuesday during a call with reporters, Lindzi said that was all in jest.

"Leaving that situation, it was one of the more awkward silence moments in my life," she says. "I’m kind of a joker, and it was my way of breaking that awkward moment."

Lindzi also told reporters that she has not spoken to Ben or Courtney since that day in Switzerland, and doesn't plan on reaching out to either.

Lindzi, who says she's not currently dating, emphasizes that she has "bounced back" from the heartbreak.

"I think that I’m in a really good place now. Ben made his decision and I completely respect that, and I wish them nothing but the best," she says.

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Lindzi is known for sharing her previous experience of heartbreak with Ben, when her ex-boyfriend dumped her with a text saying, "Welcome to Dumpsville, population: you." Lindzi told reporters that that experience with heartbreak was more difficult for her than being dumped on national television.

"I think that any time you get your heart invested in a relationship and it ends, it’s difficult," she says. "I was able to bounce back from being broken up on national TV a lot quicker than the dumpsville incident. I think any breakup is tough, but the dumpsville breakup was the first heartbreak I ever went through."

The ex who sent that text went to the press after the show started airing and claimed that he and Lindzi had reunited after she returned from the show. Lindzi denied this news to reporters on Tuesday. "It’s amazing what people will do to make a dollar," she says.

In the "After the Final Rose" special, it was revealed that Ben and Courtney had fallen on tough times once the show started airing, and had even broken off their engagement for a short time. While Lindzi attended the taping, she did not end up coming on stage.

"It really didn’t upset me," Lindzi sayd. "I think that Ben and Courtney both came out and it was a really emotional time for them. Ben has bigger issues to deal with right now, like his engagement."

When asked if she would consider dating Ben if things didn't work out with Courtney, Lindzi said that wasn't in the cards for her. "I feel like if he didn’t know about me for sure then, he wouldn’t change his opinion about me now," she says.

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