'The Bachelor': Viewer Launches GoFundMe to "Free" 24-Year-Old Contestant's Nanny

'Bachelor' viewers attempt to rally around the nanny of season 21's Corinne Olympios.
Courtesy of Rick Rowell/ABC
'Bachelor' Nick Viall, Corinne

What would The Bachelor be without a season villain?

Corinne Olympios easily earns that title on the 21st season of ABC's reality dating series, led by Bachelor veteran Nick Viall. She has become the talk of social media thanks to her antics, which include a topless wedding photoshoot, whipped cream-licking rose ceremony session and frisky moment with Nick in an inflatable bounce castle for her fellow contestants to see.

But the fact that Corinne, described as the owner of her family's multi million-dollar company, is 24 years old and still employs a full-time nanny is what has become the topic of most debate.

Viewers first met Corinne's full-time nanny Raquel in the premiere episode during Corinne's introduction video. While the Miami local is working at her parents' home, she asks Raquel to make her cucumber slices. As seen in the clip below, (about 20 seconds in) she tells the camera, "Even if I moved out, I would have Raquel, like, come to my house."

In response, Bachelor viewer Mark Chandley has now gone so far as to launch a GoFundMe page to "free" Raquel.

The fundraiser, complete with a hashtag #FreeRaquel2K17, is attempting to raise $100,000 with the goal to "help Raquel get a better job." The mission statement reads, "Raquel deserves better, we can only hope that she doesn’t already suffer from Stockholm syndrome from living under Miss Oympios ... Help save a life, show your support today."

The campaign has raised $150 so far.

Outside of making her cucumber snack, Raquel's daily tasks typically include making the 24-year-old's bed, brewing her coffee, preparing cheese pasta and doing her laundry, according to the blonde Bachelor contestant (discussed in the clip below).