'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Selling Appliances in Upstate New York (Video)

The reality TV star is appearing in four commercials, along with additional digital content, for a Rochester store owned by the brother-in-law of one of his college friends.
ABC/Craig Sjodin
Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis is not only wooing women every week on ABC's The Bachelor, but the reality TV star is also trying to convince upstate New York residents to visit their local appliance store.

Galavis is starring in a series of commercials for Rochester Appliance, the first of which aired locally during this past week's episode of The Bachelor and was posted on the store's blog on Monday.

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Three more ads will roll out during each of the last three weeks of this season of the ABC reality show, with extra content posted on store owner Dean Eaton's blog.

Eaton recruited Galavis for the ads through his brother-in-law, who played soccer with The Bachelor star in college and stayed friends with him since then.

"When I found out that he was the next Bachelor, [I thought,] 'Why not give it a shot?' My entire business has grown via word of mouth up until now, and I've been looking for some kind of breakout moment, so I figured why not give it a shot," Eaton tells The Hollywood Reporter of wooing Galavis.

After a series of e-mails, Eaton and Galavis reached a deal for the reality star to do the ads for a reduced rate. Eaton and some film-school friends shot the spots on Dec. 22, while Galavis was in town visiting some college friends.

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But Eaton waited to roll them out until the end of Galavis' season of The Bachelor.

"I wanted more hype to build up," Eaton says. "So I figured, 'Hey, why not wait?' I'm not the type of person who likes waiting that long. But we ended up waiting 6-8 weeks before airing them."

In the first ad, Galavis wears an employee uniform and approaches two women in the store, asking "Anything catch your eye?" and "Can I help you?" but both smitten customers say they're "just looking" as they stare longingly at Galavis.

Subsequent ads feature "similar scenarios of the reaction of customers to Juan being a service technician," Eaton teases, hinting that there's a "big twist" in the final commercial.

While Eaton says it's too early to tell if the commercials boosted business, the first one, "definitely put us on the map," he says, adding that media coverage of the ads is helping to raise awareness.

"It's all part of a longer campaign over the course of four weeks," Eaton explains. "I think by the time that's up, hopefully, it will make an impact."

Watch Galavis' first ad below.