'The Bachelor' Nick Viall and Winner Say They’re Still "Figuring Out" Living Situation

The franchise four-timer finally got engaged on Monday’s finale of the ABC reality series.
'The Bachelor' couple Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi

The Bachelor Nick Viall and his winner are engaged, but they have yet to iron out one very important detail.

Viall, who currently resides in Los Angeles — as he’s due to compete on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars — proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi on Monday’s finale of The Bachelor. Throughout the episode, and when appearing on the live, post-show After the Final Rose special, the couple struggled to provide a definitive answer on Grimaldi’s plans to relocate from Canada to the U.S. for her leading man. The 29-year-old special needs teacher hails from Montreal and prides herself on being close to her students and big Italian family.

“I’m seeing this as maybe the biggest hurdle you’re going to have to clear,” Jimmy Kimmel told Grimaldi and Viall when the pair made their second public debut on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kimmel, who also comes from an Italian family, said there’s no way Grimaldi’s close-knit kin will let her leave and asked about the couple’s most contentious decision. Even by the end of the finale, the two had yet to resolve where they would live. When appearing on After the Final Rose, Grimaldi conceded that the wedding will take place in the U.S. and that she would be moving to be with Viall, but Viall added that they still have to go through the proper channels.

Still, Grimaldi shot down Kimmel’s assumption, looking to Viall for reassurance.

“She’s Canadian, so we have to figure that stuff out,” said Viall. “She’s going to be spending as much time as possible out in L.A., where I am currently living. She’s working it out.”

The two revealed the finale was taped right before Thanksgiving in November, meaning they have been forced to keep their relationship a secret for four-plus months.

“There’s a 25-page contract we had to sign,” said Grimaldi of following the show rules.

During their After the Final Rose visit, the two were open about the struggles they’ve faced as a new couple. But on Kimmel, they insisted that Viall’s upcoming participation in a second reality show isn’t an anticipated hurdle.

“I was really excited about the whole DWTS experience. He ran it by me, we spoke about it,” said Grimaldi. “[His partner] Peta is a great dancer; I’m really happy he got paired up with Peta.”

They also repeated their non-news about the wedding.

“We haven’t had a dinner reservation yet, so we’re going to do that first,” Viall said when asked about a date.

Viall and Grimaldi were set to visit several New York morning shows, but their Monday night flight was canceled due to snowstorm Stella, which was busy battering the Northeast Tuesday morning.

They appeared via satellite on ABC's Good Morning America and Live With Kelly on Tuesday morning, where they explained why they decided to be so upfront about their hardships.

"It’s difficult starting a relationship as The Bachelor with 29 other women and it’s difficult to maintain that relationship long-distance while it’s being re-aired," Viall told Michael Strahan. "Every couple before us has experienced those challenges, and we just decided to be open about the realities of our relationship."

When speaking to host Kelly Ripa, Grimaldi said her biggest compromise is uprooting her life from Montreal to live with Viall, and Viall confirmed that the pair hasn't even begun to discuss wedding planning.

"We’re very realistic," said Viall. "We don’t pretend that we knew each other for a year before we got engaged. That’s not our situation. So we’re going to be happy about the situation we’re in, but we’re also going to be realistic, and we’ll move things along as they go."

Before the couple appeared on Monday's Kimmel, the host and outspoken fan of the franchise had boasted about how he correctly predicted Grimaldi would win the season after Viall’s premiere episode. Kimmel has picked four of the last Bachelor winners and four out of the last five winners on The Bachelorette. “It’s like I have a time machine powered by roses,” he said. That’s why they call me 'Rose-stradamus.' It might be the world’s most useless superpower, but I have it.”

Kimmel also played a newlywed-style game with the newly engaged pair and hosted a panel of Bachelor superfans January Jones and Scandal’s Josh Malina and Katie Lowes.

“I had her picked very early on too, Jimmy,” bragged Jones of Grimaldi. “She was a keeper — she is a keeper.”

“I bawled my eyes out,” Lowes said of the proposal. “We both cried,” Malina admitted. “I Nick-Viall cried.”

While the Scandal pair predicted The Bachelor couple would only last for five to 11 months, Jones said they’re going to make it until death due they part.

As for runner-up Raven Gates, “She can’t die alone — she had that orgasm montage,” said Jones of the Fantasy Suites date episode. “Someone’s going to scoop her up.”

The Scandal couple agreed that Gates, who will next be seen on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, has “a lot more orgasms in her future.”

To close out the panel, Jones announced that she “100 percent" would consider being the next Bachelorette.

Good thing Kimmel airs on ABC — someone might be listening.