'The Bachelor': One Woman Needs Medical Help for Panic Attack

The Bachelor Still S19E5 - H 2015

There was an unwanted visitor, a completely bizarre sex-therapy date and an epic panic attack on this week's episode of The Bachelor. There were also some scenes that might make you want to shower (note to Britt: a "shower" is when you stand and water pours over you).

Carly received the first date with Famer Chris, and their outing made this season's Costco date seem like a blast by comparison. Granted, some of the ladies might have enjoyed the chance to have him breathe on them, but Carly made it clear that she was not one of them and that Chris could keep his pants on, thank you very much.

After countless awkward moments (how many eating-chocolate-while-blindfolded scenes does one season need?), Carly got the rose. However, she does not appear to be a real frontrunner. 

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The whitewater-rafting group date got cut short when Jade went overboard and required an emergency massage from Chris, which the other women were suddenly in need of as well. Things took a tense turn on the date when week-two castoff Jordan popped by from Colorado for a visit (what's with all the women not taking "no" for an answer this season?). Ashley in particular wasn't happy about the reunion. 

Chris quickly got the hint from the ladies and showed Jordan — who was previously notable on the show mainly for getting ridiculously drunk — the door. Whitney got the date rose, which irked Ashley, who had butted heads with her about whether they should ice out Jordan. A diplomat Ash is not. 

The second one-on-one date put the first one to shame. Chris pulled Britt out of bed for a hot-air balloon ride and then took her back to his place for a "nap," which required Chris to shut the door on the cameras. Of course, Britt wasted no time informing the girls about the slumber party, which increased their ire toward her.

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Just before the cocktail party, Kelsey decided to tell Chris about her late husband, Sanderson Poe, and his congestive heart failure, which the other ladies were completely surprised by. Kelsey herself made comments that suggested she wasn't being entirely truthful in her story to Chris, but the Bachelor himself was definitely moved by it. 

By the end of the episode, Chris nixed the cocktail party and took some alone time. While he gathered his thoughts, Kelsey suddenly had a severe panic attack and needed immediate medical attention, which pushed the rose ceremony to next week (way to milk this, ABC). And we're not ones to question Kelsey's attack, but it definitely brought to mind memories of drama-lover Tierra from Sean Lowe's season. (Let's just hope Kelsey doesn't start talking about her "sparkle.")

How do you feel about Kelsey? What do you think happened between Britt and Chris behind closed doors? Are you hoping to never hear the words "love guru" again? Let us know in the comments!

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