'Bachelor Pad 2' Abrupt Ending Leaves Some Viewers Confused, Upset

"Dear Bachelor Pad I want my 2 hours back if that was really your ending!" writes one Twitter user.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Chris Harrison

Bachelor Pad 2 left many viewers scratching their heads Monday night.

ABC's reality show abruptly ended after host Chris Harrison read the final name of the person who would be staying in the house another week to compete for a shot at $250,000 and the possibility of finding a love connection.

Viewers were left assuming that -- SPOILER ALERT! -- Jake Pavelka was the one getting sent home.

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But in a departure for the show, Bachelor Pad 2 didn't show the limo ride reserved for the ousted contestant, nor did it give a preview of the following week's episode.

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Some people took to Twitter to vent and express their confusion over the unexpectedly abrupt conclusion. A sample of tweets:

Former The Hills star Lo Bosworth
stfu-they cut bachelor pad short on purpose? Not fair.

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Bella M
Ummm Dear Bachelor Pad I want my 2 hours back if that was really your ending! Ridiculousness, just show us who left!

Justin Tarte
Bachelor pad just ended in a really weird way... I am somewhat confused still

Linz Loves
Mad about the outcome of tonights bachelor pad. And wtf was up with the ending?! Y didn't they show anything?!

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David Jones
What just happened in Bachelor Pad?

Sarah Raby
bachelor pad would end like that.


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