'Bachelor Pad' Finale: Holly and Michael Won 'In a Landslide'

Chris Harrison - TV Still: Bachelor Pad Finale - P - 2011
Rick Rowell/ABC

Chris Harrison was surprised by Monday's Bachelor Pad 2 finale results.

"After all the controversy, I really thought Graham and Michelle would easily win the cast vote and be our final couple, but you never know what’s going to happen at Bachelor Pad," the ABC host blogs on EW.com, referring to competitors Holly and Blake announcing they're engaged. Holly and Michael were engaged on a prior season of The Bachelor.

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But "Michael and Holly ended up winning the vote in a landslide," writes Harrison. "I think people really respected Michael and how he played the game. Once Holly voted to share the money, you knew they would split the cash." They each will take home $125,000.

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Harrison adds, "One thing we really made an effort to do this season is step up the challenges, especially towards the end of the show when they become so important."

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When Vienna's current boyfriend Kasey made amends with her ex fiance Jake, Harrison writes, "It was good to see Kasey open up and admit he didn’t like what he saw in himself while watching the show. Once the three of them finally made peace, I wanted to end the show and head to the Middle East to see what I could do over there."

Now that the second season of Bachelor Pad is wrapped up, "it's time to look forward to The Bachelor. In one of the best-kept secrets since the announcement of the new judges on American Idol, we made it official and introduced Ben as our new Bachelor," jokes Harrison, referring to the multiple reports that leaked.

He goes on, "We have not started production, but the cast is set and we’re ready to go. I got to know Ben very well last season and really like the guy. He’s going to make a fantastic Bachelor and any one of the women on the show will be lucky to win his heart. The show will premiere Monday, January 2nd so set your DVRs now."


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