'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Don’t Hate The Player, Hate the Game

Bachelor Pad Game Show Mashup 8/13 - H 2012

Bachelor Pad Game Show Mashup 8/13 - H 2012

Everyone’s a winner on this game show!

No, that’s not true.

The Bachelor Pad got ugly this week with a game show challenge for the remaining 14 contestants. The "Bachelor Pad Game Show Mashup" featured Bachelor/Bachelorette-related trivia. The questions in the “Who Said That?” section were based on answers given by the housemates the previous night. This leads to pretty painful reveals, such as Blakely calling Jamie the “most annoying in the house.”

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Jaclyn and Ed win the challenge and are safe from elimination. In a surprising move, Jaclyn decides to take Ed on her Dodgers Stadium date. They have the place to themselves, so they run the bases, and then make their way romantically to at least one “base” with some kissing. And cue fireworks.

Because Ed has immunity and has already been on a date, he sacrifices his date, and gets to choose a lucky guy who can go on it instead. He picks master manipulator Chris, who has kept himself busy stringing along Blakely and desperate Debbie, er, Jamie.

Chris selects – wait for it – Sarah to go on the one-on-one date with him. Sarah? Yes, Sarah. Blakely and Jamie steam and seem genuinely confused. Chris tries to convince Jamie that he’s just being a nice guy.

“Sarah, she's superhot and I want to have fun,” Chris tells the cameras.

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The couple films an action movie and then get hot and heavy in a hot tub before checking into a hotel room.

Back at the house, Chris Harrison brings Ed the rose, telling him it’s his to give out since he won the challenge. Ed gives it to Rachel.

Before the rose ceremony, lots of people lie about who they’re voting off. Namely, Chris, who wants Blakely gone, and Kalon, who tells everyone whatever they want to hear.

In the end, David and Jamie are sent home. Jamie feels like a failure for being so gullible and David cries because he had the “the best four weeks" of his life on the show.

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