'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Bloody Sundae

Bachelor Pad 8/6 Guys in Bubbles - H 2012

Bachelor Pad 8/6 Guys in Bubbles - H 2012

Week three on Bachelor Pad and it’s time for more backstabbing than ever before.

This week’s challenge was a relay race with an ice cream sundae theme. The contestants – wearing bikinis, of course -- had to wade through ice cream, slide down a fudge-covered ramp, crawl through whip cream, sprinkle their heads with nuts and potato-sack hop over to their partners. Yum. Or yuck.

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The partnerships have been switched up for this round, an idea that many of the contestants found shocking. Jamie was a strong leader in the women’s heat, but her partner Ed, who spends most of his time drunk and naked, failed miserably. Their last place finish resulted in one vote against each of them going into the rose ceremony.

Just like in the Olympics, the winner was too close to call, and so it was a photo finish. The winners were determined to be superfan David and Rachel.

Dave chose Blakely, Jamie and Erica Rose for his prom dates. Dave busted out some dance moves, and Jamie cried because she’d never been to prom. Despite the obvious tension between Blakely and Jamie, Jamie’s tears won her the rose from Dave.

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Rachel took out Michael, Tony and Nick to Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Hollywood. They got to dress up like wax figures and freak out the tourists.

Rachel had her lasers focused on Michael from the beginning, and obviously gave him the rose.

Back at the house, Chris, the master manipulator, kept playing games with Jamie and Blakely. Jamie’s desperation for Chris was so strong it could be smelled through the TV. "I just want to fall in love on TV and show my kids," Jamie said to the cameras.

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Finally, it was rose ceremony time, and Reid hoped his plan to oust Ed would go off without a hitch. But Sarah, still feeling guilty for trying to get rid of Ed last week, spilled the beans. Ed then called out Reid, who used the old “deny, deny, deny” tactic. "You say one thing and do the complete opposite, dude,” said Ed in a moment of anger.

At the rose ceremony, it turned out that Reid’s plan really does backfire—he was sent home along with Donna.

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