'Bachelor Pad' Recap: She's Under His Spell

Bachelor Pad Spelling Bee - H 2012

Bachelor Pad Spelling Bee - H 2012

It’s time for a twist!

This week on Bachelor Pad, Chris Harrison introduced a new twist. The contestants will now compete as couples. They will vote together, and can be voted off together.

You know who is really missing her better half? Rachel, who can’t stop weeping about Michael being kicked off last week. She claims she was “falling in love” with Michael. She gets paired up with Nick.

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The competition this week is a spelling bee. It ain’t pretty. Ed and Jaclyn and Chris and Sarah end up vying for the title, but no one wants Chris to win. He and Sarah end up winning with the word “serendipity,” and get immunity and an overnight date. Ed and Jaclyn also get an overnight date.

On their overnight date, Chris and Sarah take a trip to wine country.

"I know that Chris is fresh off the break-up with Emily [Maynard]," Sarah says about her new man. She asks Chris where his heart is these days, and the master manipulator says he’s still working on healing his broken heart.

Back at the house, Rachel is still very, very sad. She actually says she feels like a “widow.” Things are that serious, people. Everyone decides that this drama queen needs to go.

For their date, Ed and Jaclyn take a jet to some islands off the coast of California.

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Ed admits that he was dating someone back home in Chicago, and that they broke up right before the show. Jaclyn is mad because now she looks like a promiscuous woman who would sleep with a man in a relationship. Ed says he doesn’t want to look like an asshole, either.

Ed ends up talking her down, and Jaclyn decides she doesn’t want to end their “relationship.” How blind can she be?!

Back at the house, Tony sets up a date for Blakely, who he seems to be falling for. Blakely says she feels something for Tony that she hasn’t felt for anyone else, so maybe these crazy kids can have something special.

Ed and Jaclyn are given roses to save one other couple. They choose lovebirds Tony and Blakely.

At the rose ceremony, Kalon and Lindzi are sent home. Kalon gets into the same limo as Lindzi, which is the universal sign for “we’re falling in love.” (A few months ago, Kalon hinted to The Hollywood Reporter, he found someone really special during the show.)

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