'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Super Fans Invade the House


Bachelor Pad’s third season heated up on Monday night with the return of some of The Bachelor and Bachelorette’s most controversial contestants, the addition of some crazy new “super fans” and a splash of nudity.

Bachelor Pad brings back the broken-hearted rejects of ABC's dating reality shows to compete for $250,000, and, along the way, sometimes find a new fling or relationship.

The ABC spinoff added a new twist this season, bringing “super fans” into the competition to make everything a little more awkward. "They may even hook up and fall in love with one of their favorite bachelors and bachelorettes," says host Chris Harrison while opening the show.

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Video clips re-introduce the most infamous contestants of the show who will be returning, including Emily Maynard’s “baggage” contestant Kalon, and Ben Flajnik’s runner up, Lindzi.

The “super fans” include a pair of obnoxious blonde twins, one of which is a virgin while the other is “definitely not.” They are going in as one team, and count as one vote.

For those who don’t know how the show works, here are the basics: All of the single contestants pair up for each challenge (usually with the person they are romantically involved with). The winning pair receives a rose, is safe from elimination and get to go on a date. At the end of each episode, the men select one woman to send home, and the women select one man to send home. In the final episode, the remaining couple must choose between love and money, either keeping all the money for themselves, or splitting it with their partner and staying a couple.

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Things got heated and naked quickly, with Jaclyn expressing her dislike of Blakely, and Ed stripping down to hop into the pool right away.

After Harrison tells the group that they’ll need to pair up for their competition the next day, we find out that the Bachelor/ette alums are planning on getting the “super fans” kicked out first.

The first challenge involves the pairs cramming themselves into giant plastic hearts as they twist and turn. A pair of super fans, (one of the twins) Brittany and David. T, actually win the challenge, putting a kink in the veterans’ plans. The duo, er, trio (because of the twins, remember) enjoy a walk on the boardwalk, and then go skinny dipping.

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Back at the house, the romances heated up fast, with Chris (Emily Maynard's season) and Jamie (Ben Flajnik's season) making out, only to be interrupted by Jaclyn and Blakely. Blakely, who is apparently already possessive of Chris, gets very upset and cries.

At the rose ceremony, two super fans, Paige and Chris, were sent home.

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