'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale Recap: One Couple Gets Engaged

A big twist tears apart all but two of the couples
'Bachelor in Paradise'

This season of Bachelor in Paradise had no shortage of surprising moments (we'll never think of raccoons the same way again), and tonight's finale offered plenty of shockers. In the end, this episode ended just as a finale of The Bachelor often does: with a proposal between two people who've just recently met. Oh, and there was a discussion of chest hair that we kind of wish we could forget. 

After Chris Harrison announced that last week's rose ceremony would be the final one, he then informed the couples that, if they couldn't see themselves having a relationship, they needed to part ways immediately. This led to the dissolution of half of the couples: Christy and Tasos (barely a couple), Zack and Jackie (his second break-up of the season) and, after Michelle's intervention, Graham and AshLee (not exactly a shocking split either).

The remaining couples — Marcus and Lacy, Cody and Michelle, Robert and Sarah — then headed off to a fantasy-suite date to solidify their feelings. Marcus and Lacy were completely boring but adorable, since they clearly had the strongest connection. Plus, they're not the two liveliest people in the world. But we're happy if they're happy, and Lacy is clearly a better fit for Marcus than Andi Dorfman was.

Michelle is reluctant to move things forward with Cody. But after her daughter Brielle's adorable pep talk — it doesn't matter if he's cute, Mom! — Michelle put her reservations aside and had a great time with Cody, even though she initially promised him that he wouldn't get laid that night.

Surprisingly, things between Sarah and Robert didn't really heat up, and Sarah was miffed that he didn't seem to want her physically during their overnight date. She told the others that he kept his jeans on in bed and didn't, uh, suck on her neck. She ended up breaking up with him, and Robert genuinely seemed surprised and acknowledged that he went slowly to avoid getting hurt. 

Finally, some successful Bachelor and Bachelorette couples visited — Sean and Catherine, Jason and Molly — to ask a few questions. When asked what animal Michelle would be, Cody chose a cougar, which was an odd choice. And Lacy claimed that the thing she loved most about Marcus was his chest hair. Evidently, everyone has different things that they're looking for in a partner. 

The couples took part in the final rose ceremony, where Cody and Michelle both sounded completely enamored with each other. But before Marcus gave Lacy the rose, he pulled her aside to propose to her, and she said yes. The second reality-show romance was the charm for Marcus!

We then got caught up on some of the other participants, as we learn that Chris B. and Elise split up just two weeks after voluntarily leaving the show together. We're also told that Graham deleted his Instagram page, which seems to be for the best, given AshLee's penchant for stalking him. 

Do you think the two remaining couples will get married? Was Sarah too tough on jeans-loving Robert? Are you hoping to find a significant other who can bench-press you? Let us know in the comments!

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