'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Another Contestant Leaves Voluntarily

'Bachelor in Paradise'

Monday, Aug. 4
8 p.m. on ABC

Former bachelors and bachelorettes get a second chance at love — this time in a tropical location — in the new romantic dating series.

Tonight's episode of Bachelor in Paradise involved broken hearts, broken bones and another person voluntarily withdrawing from the competition.

At the start of the episode, we learned the real reason why Michelle K. bowed out of last week's premiere episode. She had hinted at the time at having already found love, and as it turns out, she had been getting romantic with the show's producer, Ryan Putz. (Those Bachelor producers really have a way with the contestants, dating back to Rozlyn Papa falling for one during Jake Pavelka's season.)

Michelle K. was actually in her hotel room with Ryan when someone from the show decided to check up on her. Ryan hid on a balcony to avoid getting spotted and ended falling to the ground 25 feet and breaking both of his ankles. No one said love was easy.

Back to the contestants who are still in the game, things got shaken up when Chris Bukowski appeared on the scene. He hit it off with Elise and made out with her in the ocean, much to Dylan's chagrin. Is this really the same Elise who said she was already in love with Dylan just last week? We then hear Chris charmingly refer to Dylan as "Fat Damon." Keep it classy, everyone.

The episode's other newbie was Zack Kalter, who apparently was already acquainted with Clare. The two hit it off immediately — thanks to "pheromones," apparently — and were seen kissing in no time. Clare joked that she "felt his connection in the ocean" (double entendre alert!), and after the time she spent in the ocean with Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, Clare clearly enjoys going swimming more than most people do.

Dylan gets a date card and surprises the ladies by choosing Sarah instead of Elise, who was certain she would be chosen. Sarah initially turns down Dylan's invite, since she's besties with Elise, but she decides to go on the date and seems to have fun with him. 

Meanwhile, in the episode's oddest scene, Marcus claims to have been cleaning up some spilled water (are we really to believe that these people spend their downtime tidying up?) when he stumbled upon a love letter in Ben's backpack. Was this a case of producers meddling? Hard to say, but the letter — which turns out to be from someone Ben is in love with after having met her just three weeks prior — is enough to earn Michelle M.'s ire and led to Ben voluntarily leaving the show.

Just before the rose ceremony, Michelle M. had an awkward exchange with Marquel in which he told her she "likes to drink," even though Marquel himself was swigging from a wine glass at the time. Michelle M. then chats with Robert, and the two seem to click. Then again, on this show, everyone seems to click.

Things started off smoothly at the rose ceremony: Lacy chose Marcus, AshLee gave hers to Graham, Clare opted for Zack. Then, the shockers came, with Michelle M. sticking with Marquel, much to Robert's surprise. Elise tried to give her rose to Dylan, but he turned it down, leading to Elise giving a rambling speech in which she stood up for all women (or something). She then gave hers to Chris (nothing wrong with a pity rose, right?). And Sarah gave hers to Robert, meaning Dylan was sent packing. 

Are you surprised that Dylan went home? Do you think some of these contestants are finding real romance? Does this episode make you never want to hide on a balcony ever again? Let us know in the comments section!

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