'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: One Couple Walks Away

'Bachelor in Paradise'

Monday, Aug. 4
8 p.m. on ABC

Former bachelors and bachelorettes get a second chance at love — this time in a tropical location — in the new romantic dating series.

On tonight's Bachelor in Paradise, one couple voluntarily took themselves out of the competition, which meant a very lucky turn of events for another gal. 

The episode picked up where last week's left off, with everyone displeased at how Elise treated Dylan. Michelle had second thoughts about choosing Marquel over Robert, especially when new addition Danielle headed out on a date with Marquel.

Elise got a date card and invited Chris, who then promptly blew out his knee. Meanwhile, Elise used the word "rainbow" so many times that even Dorothy from Wizard of Oz would have considered it excessive. Chris didn't say much about Elise's mind, but he was definitely impressed with her bod, and he couldn't seem to head to the hotel suite with her fast enough. 

Danielle came clean and told Marquel that she came on the show in order to meet him. Marquel seemed flattered, but they didn't kiss, and the only reason anyone would use the word "electric" to describe their date would be in reference to Marquel almost getting struck by lightning by the pool.

Jackie was the other newbie, and Marquel was thrilled when she asked him out. These two did kiss, despite Marquel's awkward preamble about not kissing on first dates. Meanwhile, Michelle and Clare planned a double date with Zack and Robert. Zack and Clare grew closer as they talked about her late father, but Robert wasn't too excited about bonding with Michelle. 

The final date was between AshLee and Graham, with Graham doing his best to pump the brakes on their quickly advancing romance. Graham, sensing AshLee's self-admitted obsessiveness — don't tell him you stalk his Instagram page, girl! — wisely decided that the two should stay in separate rooms. 

It was time for the rose ceremony, with the two big mysteries being whom Marquel and Robert will choose. The ceremony started fairly predictably: Graham chose AshLee, although they seem headed for trouble; Zack went with Clare; Marcus opted for Lacy, and the two of them could not possibly be cuter.

Marquel chose Jackie, while Robert surprised Michelle by choosing Sarah. The big surprise came when the hurting Chris asked Elise to walk away (okay, limp away) from the show with him and head to Chicago. Elise agreed to leave, even though she was basically ready to marry Dylan earlier this season. Apparently, lightning can strike twice (oops — sorry for the lightning reference, Marquel). But are Chris and Elise still together now? Chris tellingly tweeted today: "I am not a rainbow." Uh-oh.

Chris still had his rose to dole out, so he gave it to Michelle, offering a sweet speech about how she deserves love. That meant Danielle was sent packing, and she ended up having the line of the night while driving to the airport: "Marq hell." Well put, Danielle.

Did Marquel and Robert make the right choices? Do you think Graham and AshLee are headed for disaster? Are you hoping you never hear a rainbow-related metaphor again? Let us know in the comments!

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