'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: One Guy vs. Three Women

Brooks and Zack battle it out for Jackie
'Bachelor in Paradise'

One guy got the opposite of a heartfelt sendoff on tonight's second-to-last episode of Bachelor in Paradise

Following last week's extra sketchy episode, this week's began far tamer, with Marcus and Lacy's cute cave date. On it, we learned that Lacy doesn't know the difference between stalactites and, uh, "stalag-lights"? Lacy told Marcus that she's falling in love with him, which at least is a step forward, even if her feelings don't appear to be quite as strong as his.

Brooks arrived, who was last seen having a tearful chat with Desiree on her Bachelorette season last year. There was an immediate connection between Brooks and Sarah, though Robert threatened Brooks' life if Brooks asked her out. So Brooks, not wanting to die on a dating show, wisely picked Jackie instead. Perhaps Brooks was too distracted by Jackie's beauty to stay focused during their foosball match, which Jackie won with ease.

Sarah was ready to dump Robert after promising to play the guitar naked for Brooks. (Yowza.) What happened to how thrilled Sarah was about kissing Robert just last week? However, thanks to Robert's sweet note and beachside cuddle sesh, Sarah affirmed her feelings for him and agreed to try to make things work in the real world. Brooks' fate now rests solely with Jackie.

When Cody wasn't busy lifting heavy objects over his head, Donkey Kong-style, he was making Michelle quite aware that he's head-over-heels (or is that boulder-over-head?) in love with her. Meanwhile, Michelle isn't liking the disparaging comments Jesse was making about Christy, and she let Christy know that there may have been some rubbing — not to mention some bleeped-out words — going on last week between Jesse and free-spirited Lucy

The timing couldn't have been better for newcomer Tasos, who whisked Christy away on a date. Let's see: Christy can either choose Jesse, who has been calling her a "dumb blonde," or Tasos, who just fed grapes into her mouth. Life is full of difficult decisions. 

Zack got a date card and asked Jackie, with the two getting to do some cave-swimming of their own. Zack was clearly smitten and told Jackie that she is down-to-earth, normal and even-keeled, which all seemed like polite ways of saying, "You're a lot different from Clare." No offense, Clare. 

Just before the rose ceremony, the guys made their last-ditch attempts to get picked. For Zack, that meant giving Jackie a wish bracelet (did he bring that from home?); for Brooks, it was all about nail polish. Christy let Jesse know that she's interested in Tasos, and so Jesse coincidentally chose that moment to make his great escape. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, buddy.

But Michelle and Lacy don't want to see Jesse going home scot-free, so after Michelle gives Christy an encouraging "YOPO," Christy stops Jesse's limo to take him down a peg. Jesse bristles at the idea that he's leaving like a coward and is still convinced that everyone on the show is anxiously awaiting the chance to party with him. Let's hope Jesse isn't holding his breath.

In what we learned was the final rose ceremony, here's how things unfolded: Lacy (shocker alert!) picked Marcus, AshLee chose Graham, Sarah's rose went to Robert and Michelle picked Cody. Then, it was time for Jackie's big decision, and she chose Zack over Brooks. Sadly, Brooks lamented over what might have been had he had a little more time with Jackie. Perhaps nail polish wasn't quite the ace-up-his-sleeve that he expected it to be.

Which couples do you think will still be intact after next week's finale? Are you surprised that Jesse made it through the show without getting at least one drink thrown in his face? Have you started using the phrase "YOPO" in your everyday life? Let us know in the comments!

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