'Bachelor' Premiere Recap: Sean Meets 25 Women, Plus One Familiar Face Returns

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Meeting Lindsay Wedding Dress - H 2013

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Meeting Lindsay Wedding Dress - H 2013

After finishing in third place on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, Sean Lowe returns to the Los Angeles Bachelor mansion in hopes of finding real love this time.

Known as a nice guy from his season on The Bachelorette, it will be interesting to see how Sean does with breaking women’s hearts. The premiere episode includes Sean meeting the 25 women, plus one surprise contestant. He even switches up the format by giving out roses before the infamous rose ceremony.

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The episode begins with the Dallas businessman being introduced to viewers in a little montage of him running (shirtless), pumping iron (shirtless) and gazing at the L.A. skyline (shirtless). We then revisit his journey with Emily, watching him fall in love and then get his heart broken.

After a visit from last season’s other contestant, Arie, who was dumped by Emily in the finale for Jef, it's time for Sean to meet the 25 -- wait, 26 -- women vying for his heart.

Since that’s a whole lot of women, we’re just going to highlight some of our favorites (which include, of course, the “slightly crazies” that have been cast):

Desiree works in a bridal shop and is pretty nuts about getting married. She brings pennies for Sean so they can make a wish in the fountain, which is a cute idea.

Dianna is a salon owner and mother of two. She jokes about just leaving right now with Sean, which comes off as a little awkward.

Sarah is an advertising executive in Los Angeles -- who has one arm. She asks Sean if this is how he always thought he would fall in love, and he says it isn’t. But she adds that this is exactly how she imagined it.

Ashley P., who “has no idea” why she is still single, is obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey, which makes her seem totally nuts. She pulls out a grey tie when she meets Sean, but Sean isn’t really sure what’s going on with that.

Tierra, who has a very bubbly personality, shows Sean an open-heart tattoo on her finger. After an awkward pause, he tells her to wait while he runs into the house. In a surprise twist, he returns with a rose. It’s obvious that they have instant-chemistry, so we’re betting on Tierra to be a frontrunner for a while.

Last but not least, Lindsay, a substitute teacher, makes a brave (and we think, dumb) choice by wearing a wedding dress to meet Sean. She even kisses him right away! Sean seems very thrown off by the whole thing.

And now the surprise contestant! It’s Kacie B. from Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor. This baton-twirling sweetheart was a fan favorite from the previous season, so it will be interesting to see if Sean keeps her around.

The women aren’t happy that Kacie has returned. When Kacie and Sean talk in the house, they reveal that they’ve met before, and Sean says he’s open to exploring a romantic relationship with her.

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Sean chats with Desiree in the house. After they chat about family life, he gives Desiree a rose. Now the women are getting confused about the roses. Two have already been given out and then he gives another one to AshLee.

So Sean is proving to be a real rule breaker because he continues to give out the roses after he speaks to each woman one-on-one.

When Lindsay chats with Sean in the house, she asks for their first “wedding” dance. She tries to kiss him, but he’s not into it. She’s also completely drunk, which is making her into a really boozy “bride.”

Speaking of boozy, Ashley P. is three sheets to the wind, and has decided to dance her way through the house. She drunkenly talks to Sean about how her mom already loves him, and she does not get a rose from Sean at the end of their chat.

Sarah is one of the last to get one-on-one time and is worried that Sean will be uncomfortable about her arm. But he seems to like her and gives her a rose after their chat.

At the first rose ceremony, about a dozen of the women already have roses. Kacie B. and drunk bride Lindsay both received roses, while several other women were sent home in tears.

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