'The Bachelor' Season 16 Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

Ben Flajnik - PR Portrait - The Bachelor - P - 2011
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Monday's two-hour season premiere of The Bachelor had viewers weighing in on the new bachelorettes. The verdict: these ladies are crazier than usual. Leading the pack is Jenna, a blogger who snipes and cries her way to a rose at the close of the first episode.

A few alumni of The Bachelor joined viewers in chiming in with their opinions of the premiere episode of Season 16.

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Author Jennifer Weiner, who live blogs The Bachelor each week, is already a fan: "#bachelor viewers: we have tears. Repeat: we have tears. And: the sadder Jenna gets, the more she looks like SJP."

"And Jenna, still crying, weeps us into commercial. Please, please, keep her. She's TV gold!" added Weiner.

Season 15 winner Emily Maynard, who split up with her bachelor Brad Womack in June, wrote: "Are yall watching The Bachelor tonight?? What do you think? I can't remember there being this many crazies last season!"

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Season 14 runner-up and Bachelorette 6 Ali Fedotowsky reacted to one of the bachelorette’s bringing her granny: "Love that Brittany's grandmother came with her. I would have given ANYTHING to have my grandma with me that first night. #Bachelor #endure"

Fedotowsky added: "I think Jenna drank a little too much wine. She would drink all Ben's wine and put him out of business!"

"I'm not seeing ANY cute dresses tonight. Cheryls outfit was the best," tweeted Jillian Harris, who starred in Season 5 of The Bachelorette.

Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi , a.k.a. Snooki, who has been known to be the center of drama on her own MTV show, added: "Watching the bachelor ! Talk about crazy pants!!"

"This is the weirdest season of The Bachelor, ever. I feel so awkward just watching it. What is going on?? I can't wait for this season..." wrote singer Savannah Outen.

Other reactions from viewers included:

Lindsay R.:
"The Bachelor is like a semi-annual convention of people who believe 'everything happens for a reason.'"

Tiffany R.:
"An hour and a half of space in my DVR wasted. This looks like the lamest season of the bachelor ever, too many cheesy, crying, whiny women."

Caitlyn M.:
"I don't know why people get soo excited about the bachelor when the biggest loser has more successful relationships that actually last."

Andrea L:.
"'Does she blog in a straitjacket?'- text from my brother. Blogger Jenna is the #bachelor breakout STAR."

"Feelings will be not hurt, but mutilated this season of The Bachelor. Please see this season highlights reel. WELL DONE EDITORS."

Kristen Marie:
"Dear ladies on The Bachelor, thank you for making me feel a little less like Sybil even with the intense PMS I had today. Love, Kris."

Erin Robbins O'Brien:
"Watching the first 10 minutes of the Bachelor is enough for a lifetime of horror. These chicks are terrifying."

"Its toooooo early in the the show for bathroom crying #bachelor Jenna reminds me of that crazy blonde that was crazy with Blake!