'The Bachelor' Recap: Broken Hearts in San Francisco

The Bachelor EP 1603 Bikini Coffee - H 2012
Ron Koeberer/ABC

The Bachelor EP 1603 Bikini Coffee - H 2012

Last week's episode of The Bachelor was a little on the tame side, so Ben Flajnik and the ladies needed to step it up tonight. And they did.

In Monday's episode, one contestant checks out early when she realizes that the competition isn't for her, and a blast from the past returns to the show hoping to win the heart of Ben.

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[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

After spending last week in Sonoma, Ben and the remaining 16 ladies travel to San Francisco this week.

Ben meets up with his sister Julia, who lives in San Francisco. He says there are quite a few that stand out to him. He mentions horse-rider Lindzi, baton-twirler Kacie B. and model Courtney as standouts to him.

The First Date

The first date card goes to Emily.

“Some of these girls are really well educated, but, I always say that book smart can be a little boring,” says Courtney, the model, who predicts that Emily’s one-on-one date will be a snoozefest.

Courtney would be wrong, however, because Ben takes Emily to climb to the top of the Bay Bridge. They’re both afraid of heights, and Emily panics when they start moving up the side of the bridge. Ben gives her a magical kiss, and they make it to the top.  They go to dinner, and Ben gives her a rose.

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The Group Date

Ben takes the group of 11 ladies to ski on the streets of San Francisco. Yes, that means bikini-clad ski bunnies on man-made snow. Some of the funniest moments of the episode occur during this portion when these scantily-clad ladies crash and burn on the slope.

During the night portion of the date, Rachel puts the moves on Ben, igniting the jealousy of some of the other women. Kacie B. steals Ben away and complains about how hard it is to see him with other women. Rachel ends up getting the rose.

The Second Date

Brittney gets the second one-on-one date card, but she isn’t excited. “Something doesn’t feel right to me,” she says. “I should be thrilled, but I’m not. I’m torn and confused.” She decides to leave the show. “I've taken some time to think what's best for me, and obviously what's best for you," she tells Ben.

Horse-riding Lindzi instead gets the second one-on-one date. They take a trolley tour of the city. They dance (oh, hey Matt Nathanson), they dine and Ben gives her a rose. “She’s got something special,” he says of Lindzi. Ben plays piano, because, as you may have noticed, that’s his thing.

The Rose Ceremony

Fellow contestant Courtney must also think Lindzi’s something special because she goes out of her way to attack Lindzi during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail hour, aka the drunken cry-fest.

But the biggest drama of the night? A mystery woman who crashes the party.

It’s Shawntel, the funeral director from Brad Womack’s season. Ben is visibly shocked, exclaiming “Holy [expletive],” when he sees her.

“When I found out that you were The Bachelor, I was not happy because I wanted to get to know you because I felt something,” Shawntel tells Ben. “So I decided that I have to know. I want to be at the rose ceremony. If you’d be willing to give me a rose, I’d be really happy.”

Of course, this sends the other contestants into a jealous rage, in which they drop plenty of insults towards Shawntel.

At the rose ceremony, Courtney accepts the rose that Ben offers her, but tells him that she had a tough time. “It was heavy for me. I saw you talking to Whats-her-butt and it was not easy for me,” she says

Kacie B., Elyse, Jamie, Jennifer, Casey S., Blakeley, Monica, Nicki and Samantha also get roses.

As he prepares to give out the final rose, Erika passes out. When she finally pulls it together, Ben surprises everyone by not giving out the last rose, and so Erika, Jaclyn and Shawntel are sent home. Erika has to sit down again, and Erika runs into the bathroom to bawl her eyes out. As Shawntell leaves, Courtney tries to get in the final word, hollering "See ya!"

Where to next? Park City, Utah.