'The Bachelor': Ben Gets Down on One Knee, Olivia's Strip Tease Leads to Panic Attack

After participating in a talent show for an audience of about 1,200 people, one contestant hyperventilated on camera and experienced a panic attack.
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Olivia grabs all the attention

Tonight's episode of The Bachelor can be summed up by one word: "Oh-livia"!

The contestant from Austin, Texas, was front and center this episode. From start to finish, Olivia could not help adding drama to the show, which took place in Las Vegas this week. 

Olivia's Pep Talk 

When the show began, Olivia started telling herself whatever she could to feel more confident in her relationship with Bachelor Ben Higgins. Her comments quickly became incredibly ironic as the show progressed:

“I’m not threatened by anyone who goes on a one-on-one date with Ben. Ben is my peace. I’m Zen with Ben.”

"I still believe that Ben and I have the strongest relationship."

"I feel so good about about what we have. So good."

Ben's One-on-One Date with JoJo

When Ben stole JoJo for some alone time, Olivia had her first gut-wrenching experience. Through the women's hotel window, Olivia saw Ben kiss the other Texan (JoJo is from Dallas), and she started to lose her cool: "I think he’s my husband, and now I feel like I've been cheated on."

The Cringe-Worthy Group Date

As Caila put it, Olivia started "digging her own grave" on the group date. Ben made the girls show off their skills in a talent show. No pressure—it just happened to be in front of about 1,200 people, as the opener for Terry Fator's ventriloquist show. 

In the spirit of Sin City, Olivia decided to jump out of a cake in red lingerie to give Ben a strip tease as her "talent." It might have scarred him for life. The performance somehow was so painful to watch, yet it was impossible to look away! See for yourself: 

Afterwards, even she knew it was a potential deal breaker. Olivia broke down in a full-on panic attack. (Also, don't you love that she said, "I don't want to be on camera"? News flash to the news anchor: you signed up for one of the most popular reality TV shows out there. Get used to it.)

The other women on the show had little to no sympathy for Olivia's tearful moment. Emily went so far as to say, "I definitely think she’s full of s—." 

But Olivia's fellow Bachelor contestants are not the only ones buzzing about her business. In case you have been under a rock in regards to Bachelor gossip, may THR be the first to introduce you to the Internet’s obsession with Olivia's…mouth. There are more than a dozen real Twitter handles devoted to highlighting her over-the-top facial expressions (@BachelorOlivia has 18.6K followers and counting!), and even ABC can't resist showcasing this quirk of hers:

Before we get to the moment of truth—the rose ceremony, of course—here are a few other highlights from this week's episode:

Ben took Becca on a very strange one-on-one date. He gave her a wedding dress to wear, and as soon as they saw each other, Ben got down on one knee! Becca started freaking out. (You probably started freaking out!) But Ben stayed calm because...it was a false alarm. He just wanted to tell her in a dramatic way that they would be spending their date marrying other couples in a Vegas chapel. (Not very cool to toy with Becca's emotions, Ben!) 

Hours before the rose ceremony, Chris surprised the girls to share that Ben would take twins Emily and Haley on a twin-on-one date. The three of them headed to the twins' home (they're from Vegas), and Ben got to know their dogs, their mom, and -- Haley's ex-boyfriend? Ben and Haley stepped into her bedroom to find not one but two framed pictures of Haley and her ex. It definitely left a funny taste in Ben's mouth, because after a pow-wow with their mom and a solid chat with Emily, he sent Haley home (tearing apart their freaky twin-ship). 

Finally, it was time for the rose ceremony. Would Olivia be going home? Had Ben had enough of her drama? 

Some might question Ben's sanity at this point in the season, because he did in fact give Olivia a rose. The other ladies to go home this week were Amber (who almost immediately kicked off her heels and started bawling into a lounge chair after the rejection) and Rachel (who, frankly, had barely received enough TV time for fans to remember her name). 

Do you think it's time for Olivia to get the boot? Do you think Ben chose the right twin? Share your thoughts in the comments below.