'The Bachelor': Ben Sends One Woman Packing for Not Holding His Hand

On the group date in Mexico City, Ben gets rejected in front of the group when he tries to hold one contestant's hand.
The Bachelor/ABC

Viva la Mexico — and viva The Bachelor! Ben Higgins and the 11 remaining ladies traveled to Mexico City for their latest action-packed week. 

Since this season clearly revolves around "Oh-livia," her comment to Amanda must be addressed first. 

Amanda — for those who are not Bachelor diehards — is the sweet mother of two from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Olivia could not help opening her big mouth, as per usual (she's even acknowledged this idiosyncrasy via her personal Twitter), and made the rudest comment straight to the divorcee's face. Upon hearing Amanda talk about her ex picking up the kids, Olivia blurted out, "I feel like it’s an episode of Teen Mom that I watch. It freaks me out."

Luckily, Amanda stood up for herself and called out the Queen Diva for her lack of decency and "common sense."

Now, to back it up, this Amanda vs. Olivia drama seemed to start brewing at the beginning of the episode, when Amanda landed the first one-on-one date of the week. Did you catch the incredibly fake smile Olivia flashed A?  

But maybe you can't blame Olivia for being a little bit jealous. Ben made sure he could spend as much time as possible with Amanda by waking her up before the crack of dawn. At 4:20 a.m., Ben surprised the women in their hotel rooms to steal his date for the day, and clearly to catch the ladies off guard — retainers, zit cream and all!

Ben took Amanda on an adventurous hot air balloon ride that was nothing short of a dream come true. The 25-year-old esthetician scored a rose at the end of the night after opening up about her dark past. She shared that she got married when her oldest daughter was six months old and that she was cheated on after getting pregnant with her second child. 

After a pretty serious one-on-one, Ben planned a lighthearted group date in which he took the women back to school for a Spanish language class. But Jubilee could not help pouting and complaining until it escalated to the point of no return. The war veteran gave Ben major side-eye when he told her in Spanish, “I want to kiss you” and “I love you.” (Just about anyone else would have been completely swooning!)

Then the drama really heated up when the date moved to the kitchen. Ben and the ladies partnered off for a cooking contest, and Olivia snagged Ben for herself (of course). By some miracle, he reconnected with her and gave Olivia the group-date rose. (But rumor has it Ben could not handle her self-proclaimed "dragon breath" and encouraged her to snack on some mint.)

While Olivia was making a comeback, Jubilee was digging her own grave. Ben tried to kindly take her hand, and she rejected him in front of everyone. Ben basically reached a breaking point, called her out and let her go. 

Ben gave the second one-on-one date to Lauren H., the kindergarten teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and he had quite the surprise in store. The two of them became professional models (for a day), walking the runway in Mexico's Fashion Week. It's possible Lauren H. is slowly breaking the friend zone, as the night ended with a kiss and a red rose to top off their great time. 

Jubilee was the only woman to say goodbye to Ben this week, but trouble is brewing for Olivia. Emily, the twin who recently left her better half at home in Las Vegas, had finally had it with the Texan news anchor and was the first to tell Ben who he was really dealing with.  

In honor of Em having the courage to take on Olivia, the "bully," here are her best quotes of the night:

"[Olivia] makes me want to like punch her in the face a little. Adios, Olivia."

"She literally makes me want to throw up, and her breath is horrible."

"I can’t even look at her."

"I hate Olivia. It’s okay to say that, like, she’s a bully."

Was it smart for Emily to tell Ben the truth about Olivia? Were you sorry to see Jubilee go, or were you ready for her to get the boot? Do you think Amanda is a good fit for Ben? Share your thoughts in the comments below.