'The Bachelor': Ben Reaches a Breaking Point, Olivia and Emily Face-Off

One contestant devised a plan to kick off one of Ben's favorites, and Olivia and Emily are plucked for the first two-on-one date.
'The Bachelor'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Season 20 of ABC's The Bachelor.]

This week's episode of The Bachelor was dramatic from start to finish, kicking off where last week left off at the rose ceremony. Bachelor Ben Higgins just found out that his sweetheart Olivia, to whom he gave the first impression rose on day one, is not who she seems to be. (Finally!)

Before starting the rose ceremony, Ben decided to pull Olivia aside to hear why she was bringing the other women to tears. 

Her defense was arguably the best line of the episode: "I feel like it’s been hard for me to relate. Everyone here is like, really into like painting their nails and doing each other’s hair. And that’s great, but like, I’m just different. Like, I like reading books in my room and you know thinking, and that’s what I do and I want to talk smart things." (Face-palm.)

At this point, it's hard to determine what's more entertaining: Olivia's fake sweet talk or Emily's shade? Here's what Emily, the 22-year-old from Las Vegas, had to say about Miss O: "She’s a fake ass person.... I feel personally disrespected by her." And after Olivia returned to the cocktail party following Ben's confrontation, Emily took one look at the news anchor's tears and said, "They're fake as f—." 

But this would not be a true Bachelor catfight without the other woman fighting back. Olivia made it clear that she was armed and ready for a fresh week of drama.

"Come at me bro," said Olivia, in her private interview. "I think the other people in the house haven’t progressed like Ben and I have, and they're jealous of that.... I'm not going anywhere. Everyone else can suck it."

After the rose ceremony, where Jennifer, the 25-year-old small business owner from Florida, was eliminated, Ben shared the news that they were headed to the Bahamas!

But as soon they landed and settled into their gorgeous suite, it became clear that this week would be far from a relaxing vacation. Why? Because something about the Caribbean air got to contestant Leah. The 25-year-old event planner from Colorado had been pretty quiet all season, until now.

Leah started to show her true colors when the women were awaiting the one-on-one date card. At this point, Leah had had no alone time with Ben, so she was dying for the date. But when she heard Caila's name was on the card, she just lost it.  

In tears, she hosted her own pity party. "If he doesn’t want to get to know me, there’s no reason to be here.... It’s just a huge slap in the face." 

Caila's One-on-One Date: Deep-Sea Fishing as Ben Fishes for Answers

Ben took advantage of the beautiful location this week, by taking Caila out on the water to go deep-sea fishing! (Did you catch Ben's Bible verse tattoo after he stripped down to his swim trunks?) After their romantic day together — minus the weird moment when they kissed the fish they caught — things got real when they sat down for dinner. Ben started pushing Caila to open up, saying he wanted to know "all her layers." To which, Caila spilled some jaw-dropping honesty.

"I don’t know if I’m 100 percent ready right now to cry on your shoulder," said Caila. "I feel like I love you, but I don’t know why I can’t share. Maybe it’s just that I’m not ready. I feel like my greatest fear is that I can’t totally completely fall in love with you. Your greatest fear is being unlovable and my greatest fear might be breaking your heart." 

A very puzzled Ben asked if she felt he was the right person. She tried to reassure him, saying she knows she's falling in love because she feels understood. "I feel like I want you in my life," Caila added. "This is real happiness. This is real."

Oddly, Ben was not turned off by Confusing Caila and gave her a rose. 

Attack of the Pigs! The Most Awkward Group Date of the Season

For the group date this week, Ben could not have planned a more awkward affair. He somehow thought it would be fun to feed hot dogs to wild pigs in the ocean (Ben promised they were turkey dogs). But the pigs were aggressive, scary and basically chased the women to shore. Plus, it looked cold and any one-on-one time with Ben was literally in front of the rest of the group as they all bobbed in the water.

Even Ben seemed to regret this planning. "I feel very uncomfortable today," said Ben.

It only got worse when Leah, the diva of the week, started going off on a rant. Leah, who was questioning even going on the date, finally got some alone time with Ben — but used it to complain! First, she could not resist commenting about their animal friends: "I like pigs. I like to eat pigs." Then, she burst into tears, telling her crush, "I feel like I’m the group date groupie."

After drying off and glamming up for the group-date cocktail party, Leah reached an all-time low. She made up an awful lie to Ben, saying that Lauren B. (who really is such a sweetheart) was actually a different person with him than she was with the other women. "It’s hurting me knowing that this person gets so much time with you," said Leah.

Ben asked Lauren B. about the comment, without mentioning his source. Lauren came back crying and shared what happened with the other contestants. When Leah walked in, she had the audacity to lie to everyone's faces, telling Lauren B. "That's awful.... I would never be the type of person to single someone out."

But this was only Part 1 of Leah's plan to knock Lauren B. off the show. After admitting "the less girls here, the better chance I have to end up with Ben," she decided to walk over to Ben's suite. 

Again, instead of using this time to bond with Ben, she just ripped apart Lauren B., calling her "catty" and saying that she did not care if Ben ended up with other women.

Luckily, Ben had enough sense not to believe her lies. The bachelor broke it to Leah that her journey with him was ending now. "I don’t know what’s missing but it is. Something just doesn’t feel right...I think it’s best for us to just kind of say good-bye." (Thank goodness!)

Olivia Versus Emily: The Women Go Head-to-Head in the First Two-on-One Date

You read that right. Olivia and Emily battled for Ben in the season's first two-on-one date. (For those new to The Bachelor, a two-on-one leads to one woman receiving a rose and the other going home.) Bless the Bachelor gods for choosing the two contestants who could not despise each other more. (Emily hates Olivia for being "fake," and Olivia hates Emily for spilling the beans to Ben that she does not get along with the other women.) 

First, let us pause and appreciate how Olivia reacted to the news.

"Emily and I are the same age, and I’m going to feel like her mom tomorrow, like babysitting my daughter."

"She’s young. She’s like a bird. I don’t even give a s—."

Finally, the date viewers have been waiting for began. Ben took the women on a boat ride to a remote island and wasted no time in pulling Olivia aside.

But Olivia just had more cringe-worthy comments to share: "I’m very grounded. I'm very, like, in tune with my body. I like news and politics and religion, and deep intellectual things are just my jam." Then she dropped the bomb: "From the moment I met you, I knew that it was right. I'm in love with you."

After her chat with Ben, Olivia felt confident, "I’m so in love with him after this conversation," said Olivia, adding, "There’s a lot of pressure on this — for Emily. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m coming home with a rose tonight."

But she spoke too soon! Ben finally sent her packing.  

"Today you did take the time to speak from your heart," he told a very shocked Olivia. "I don’t think I can reciprocate those feelings. It’s just not a place that I can get to."

With that, Ben and Emily ditched Olivia on the island and rode away, while the Texan stood alone, crying her heart out. 

Were you thrilled to see Olivia finally get the chop? Did Leah get what she deserved? Are you Team Caila after her one-on-one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.