'The Bachelor' Recap: Hometowns and Heartbreak

Ben Flajnik travels to the homes of the remaining four women.
Ralph Fresco/ABC

Home is where the broken heart is.

Last week on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik showed maybe one ounce of trepidation about controversial contestant Courtney. He even paused during the rose ceremony to ask her what her intentions were. However, the other contestants' words of warning went unheard in the end, as model Courtney was given a rose in end.

This week, the remaining contestants, Lindzi, Nicki, Kacie and Courtney, take Ben to their hometowns.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Lindzi’s Hometown

Lindzi takes Ben to the horsetrack and they gallop around in a cart. Lindzi opens up about her ex, saying she thought that she would marry him.

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Lindzi takes Ben to meet her parents, Margie and Harry. Ben is surprised to find out that Lindzi’s parents got married in San Francisco’s city hall – the same place that Lindzi and Ben had their first date.

They all then go for a carriage race. Lindzi’s parents smoke Lindzi and Ben. The younger couple is then forced to pull their carriage back home for dinner.

Ben talks to each of Lindzi’s parents separately. Lindzi’s mom and Ben talk about Lindzi’s past heartbreak. Ben tells Lindzi’s dad that he’s not ready to propose to anyone, but still asks for his permission just in case. He seems to get it.

Kacie’s Hometown

In case anyone has forgotten, Kacie starts out her hometown reminding everyone that she’s a baton twirler. At her former high school, Kacie performs a baton routine with the marching band. Ben is surprised to learn that Kacie’s dad does not drink. Ben looks a little uncomfortable in the Bible belt.

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Ben meets Kacie’s parents and sister. When Ben talks to Kacie’s dad, her father does a lot of grunting. Kacie’s dad then tells Ben that if he’s not sure Kacie is the one, then he should let her go sooner rather than later.

Kacie’s mother talks to Ben about the fact that she doesn’t want Kacie moving in with Ben before they are married. She also worries about Kacie moving all the way to California.

When Kacie talk to her dad, she says she would say yes to Ben’s proposal even if it came today. Her dad says he’s not quite ready to give his stamp of approval. He wants them to move slow and get to know each other better.

That hometown date could have gone much better.

Nicki’s Hometown

"This is the best man I've ever met,” says Nicki at the beginning of her hometown date. Ben and Nicki meet at the Fort Worth Stockyards and go shopping for cowboy boots. They come out in full-on cowboy gear, which looks a little strange on California boy Ben.

Ben meets Nicki’s parents and brother Matt. Nicki’s mom seems to like Ben, but her dad is more hesitant, especially since Nicki has already dealt with one failed marriage. And then he cries. Nicki’s dad also makes a moving speech at dinner.

Courtney’s Hometown

After all this talk about Courtney maybe not being ready to have Ben meet her family in the previous episode, she sure brings them together quickly. Ben heads straight to meet her family.

"I feel badly. I feel disappointed in myself for treating the girls the way that I have,” Courtney says to the camera, somehow turning over a new leaf.

They have lunch, and then Ben speaks to Courtney’s dad alone. Courtney tells her mom that she’s falling for Ben. Overall, Ben seems the most energetic on this date.

Courtney and Ben head off for a picnic, but of course that’s not all. There’s a wedding being prepped nearby, and then she convinces Ben for them to write vows for each other. Ben seems pretty pleased by their fake wedding.

Rose Ceremony

Ben tells Chris Harrison that he really enjoyed the dates. He then calls the women together for the rose ceremony. He gives roses to Courtney, Lindzi and… Nicki. Kacie is sent home. Perhaps her scary father was too much for Ben.

Ben apologizes over and over to Kacie. In the limo, Kacie says she didn’t expect this at all. “What the f--k happened?” she exclaims.

Ben tells the remaining three that they will be heading to Switzerland next.

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