'The Bachelor' Recap: Field of Skinny Dipping Dreams

The Bachelor EP1605 Girls in Baseball Field - H 2012

The Bachelor EP1605 Girls in Baseball Field - H 2012

Last week on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik and his lovely ladies spent some time with Mother Nature in Park City, Utah, and Ben ended up throwing one fish back into the sea early. He also didn’t give a rose to Monica.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

This week, Ben and the remaining women traveled to Puerto Rico, where things inevitably got steamy – especially between him and model Courtney. Courtney has quickly become public enemy no. 1 with her no holds barred approach to Ben, which she elevated to a whole new naked level tonight.

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The First Date

Nicki gets the first date. After taking a helicopter to explore the city, a sudden downpour gets them soaking wet. However, Nicki, unlike many women, is able to laugh off the sudden surprise, even if she looks a bit like a drowned rat. They spend some time watching a wedding, and during dinner Nicki opens up more about her past marriage and divorce.

Ben gives her a rose and a make-out session.

The Group Date

The theme of the group date may be “diamonds are a girl’s best friends,” but these are not the pretty sparkly kinds. The women arrive at a baseball field. Chris Harrison tells them that they’ll be split into teams and competing to attend a beach party later in the day.

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Because there are nine players, Ben has to choose one woman to play on both teams, and therefore automatically make it to the beach party with Ben. He selects horse-riding Lindzi, who’s been a front-runner in this competition since she galloped onto the scene.

Courtney and Emily, who got involved in an full-on fight last week, are of course put on opposite teams. Blakely (aka former public enemy no. 2) and Courtney are team captains.

Courtney’s thoughts on Blakely: “Who knew that strippers could play baseball?” Wow.

After an intense game, Jamie, Kacie, Casey, Courtney and Lindzi end up victorious and get to head over to the beach party in a helicopter to enjoy more time with Ben.

Courtney unleashes a barrage of insults about most of the other women. After Ben opens up to Kacie during the beach party about his struggles in his past relationships, he gives her the rose. This seems to spark an idea in Courtney, who takes Ben to the water, and talks about skinny dipping, although it doesn’t happen…yet.

The Second Date

Elyse, who gave up her job to be there, is nervous for her one-on-one date. Ben takes her on a yacht. But Elyse goes on emphasizing how much she gave up to be there, and even makes some sort-of-joke about getting married right then. They go swimming, and make out, and Elyse seems like she’s head over heels in love.

At dinner, Ben tells Elyse that he just isn’t feeling enough of a connection with her, compared to with some of the other women. He does not give her the rose, and sends her packing (and, obviously, crying).

Back at the house, the women are all a-buzz when the man comes to get Elyse’s bags. Courtney throws in a nice Jersey Shore jab.

The Rose Ceremony

Courtney takes this moment to greet Ben with some wine and a massage. She talks him into skinny-dipping. “I don’t know if he’s ever skinny dipped with a model before,” she says.

Afterwards, Ben feels a little guilty about his naked tryst. He spends some time with the other women. Blakeley opens up to him, saying that she has realized she deserves to be in love and happy.

Courtney is quite content with her naughty little secret, although she drops a few hints about wanting to skinny dip in Puerto Rico.

Emily again uses her one-on-one time to vent about Courtney. Ben tells her to let it go, but she just can’t.

At the rose ceremony, Lindzi, Jamie, Rachel, Courtney, Casey, Blakeley, and, surprisingly, Emily get roses. Jennifer is sent home.

Next, the group will travel to Panama City, where it looks like on of the girls will receive some serious bad news.

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