'The Bachelor' Season 16 Recap: A 'Play'-ful Date, a Little Bit of Hate

The Bachelor EP1602 Girls in Costumes - H 2012

The Bachelor EP1602 Girls in Costumes - H 2012

Last week's premiere of 16th season of The Bachelor made it crystal clear that this season is going to be packed with a whole lot of drama, and a dash of crazy. This week's episode, however, lacked the spark that last week's episode initiated. Sure, there was some crying and some catfighting, but overall it was a pretty peaceful episode.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

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Ben is moving the fastest of any bachelor before, taking his ladies home in the second week of the show. He flies all the contestants up to Sonoma, so they can see him in his element.

The First Date
Casey B. gets the first date card. "I picked Kacie B. because I feel like she's a real genuine woman," says Ben , who add that he is going to show her something personal.

They take a stroll so Ben can show her around his hometown. He gives her a brief and basic piano lesson, and they walk through a candy shop. Kacie B. sees something in the store window and buys it. It turns out she can twirl the baton.

They have a quiet romantic dinner together. Kacie asks about Ben's parents' relationship, and what that taught him. Ben then offers Kacie a rose after their romantic hometown date.

"I decided to do The Bachelor because this worked for me once," says Ben. "And you being here has kind of reaffirmed the decision for me."

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But the date's not over yet! The couple go to an empty theater, and then watch a slideshow of Kacie and Ben's home videos. Ben's tear-jerking video features a lot of footage of Ben's father, who has passed away.

"Sharing that moment with Kacie was something I'll never forget," said Ben. "I think that my dad would really like Kacie B., I do."

The Group Date
The second date card reveals that 12 women will be going on the next date. "I'm not here to go on a date with 11 girls, I'm here to go on a date with Ben," says one of the ladies.

What could a group that large possibly do? Put on a play, of course.

The playwrights, a group of kids, will be handling the auditions. They ask the women to do all sorts of awkward things, like make pig noises, act like a weasel and run from an imaginary dragon. Blakely, the VIP cocktail waitress, was wearing an outfit that may have shown off her assets a bit too much, and seemed to stop her from being able to bust a move.

With casting done, Ben and the ladies begin to rehearse their parts, and get into costume. Some of the ladies get much more complementary outfits than others. "This is embarrassing," says Jenna, wearing a white wizard beard. Really Jenna? This is embarrassing? Do you remember last week when you broke down in the bathroom?

After the play, "Prince Pinot" takes the lady out for some wine and cheese. There's a rose on the table.

The women are not fans of Blakely. "I feel really bad for people like Blakely," said Samantha. "She's just so, so desperate."

It's time for another bathroom stall cry session. This time, it's Samantha who can't handle the pressure.

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The Second Date
Back at the house, another date card arrives, and it's for Courtney, the model with the mean mouth.

"How does it taste coming out of your mouth?" says Courtney to the other woman when her name is read on the card.

Back on the 12-women date, Ben and the ladies get into the pool. Jennifer steals him away to the hot tub. There's plenty of kissing. "I could easily be on my way to falling in love with Ben," said Jennifer.

Blakely also gets some time with Ben, and makes out with him. Jaclyn is spying on the whole thing, and not happy. "Blakely is so fake-ly," says Jaclyn.Her hard work must have paid off though, because Blakely gets the rose on the date. After Ben walks off, the women are steaming, even calling her a "candy stripper hooker."

Courtney and Ben go on a dog walk, and a picnic among the redwoods. The real star of this date? Ben's dog Scotch. Ben calls Courtney the "total package," and says she's "almost too good to be true."

At dinner, Ben reveals that he was once a wealthy party boy, and that The Bachelorette was what changed him. Courtney is obviously given a rose.

The Rose Ceremony
At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Ben tries to spend time for the women who did not get a date or that he did not get to spend one-on-one time with.

Samantha starts off her one-on-one time, but Blakely breaks into the conversation. Samantha is pissed because Blakely -- or "Jugs" as Samantha calls her -- already has a rose.

And that's not enough for Blakely. She steals Ben again. "It's like a war out there," says model Courtney.

"I feel like I'm a guy in how I act," says Jenna, in the beginning of an awkward rambling speech with Ben. She's trying to explain that she's not like your typical girl, but she's interrupted before she can make any sense. She heads into a bedroom, and -- wait for it -- begins crying.

The Blakely bashing continues in the other room. "I don't want her horse face in my face," says one woman. Another makes fun of her name. Another says she's only good "for motorboating."

Blakely must feel the bad vibes, because she hides in a corner, crying. One of the ladies fills Ben in on Blakely-gate, and Ben goes to find her, still crying in her corner. Then, Ben continues his cleanup by checking on Jenna and getting her out of bed.

At the rose ceremony, 13 roses will be given out, in addition to the three that women have already received.

Jennifer, Emily, Elyse, Jaclyn, Erika, Rachel, Lindzi, Nicki, Casey S., Samantha, Monica, Jamie and Brittney receive roses.

That means eccentric blogger Jenna is out. "I feel sick. These girls distracted him," she cries to the camera. "Are you kidding me? No really, are you kidding me? I can't believe this is happening. I'm mortified."

Ben gives the remaining women another surprise -- they're heading to San Francisco.

It looks like the heat will be back on next week, with the arrival of an ex-girlfriend and one contestant sharing some big news.