'The Bachelor' Recap: Swiss Cheese and Fantasy Suites

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik PR Image - P 2012

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik PR Image - P 2012

And then there were three.

After the hometown dates, Bachelor Ben Flajnik kept Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney. Appropriately, the quad travels to Interlaken, Switzerland, the extreme sports capital of Europe, this week. And things get extreme as the women go on adventurous dates with Ben and then have the option of getting extra private time by staying together in a fantasy suite.

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Additionally, a woman who Ben sent home returns for closure and to warn Ben about giving his heart to the wrong woman.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Nicki’s Date

Nicki and Ben go on a romantic helicopter ride, and then get to spend some alone time at the top of a mountain. They talk about their families and their fathers.

Later at dinner, they continue to talk about family and their potential future families. “I feel comfortable when I’m with Nicki,” Ben explains. Ben presents her with the overnight key and she accepts going to the fantasy suite with him.

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“It’s not something I take lightly. This is a big deal. I’m in love with this guy,” Nicki says to the cameras. They walk around the romantic candlelight-lit suite and then sat down in front of the fire to talk about their fathers.

Lindzi’s Date

Ben greets Lindzi, and promises her an adventurous date. Turns out they’ll be repelling down a mountain. They get geared up, and talk about how scared they are.

“It says a lot about Lindzi’s character that she’s willing to try anything,” says Ben.

“I love this woman,” Ben says to the camera.

On to the next surprise: hot tubbing! Lindzi talks about being an ice queen who is melting, opening up to Ben.

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At dinner, they talk more about how Lindzi has learned how to be vulnerable, despite her previous heartbreak. “I would want to see this end with a proposal at the end,” she tells Ben.

Ben offers her the fantasy suite card and she accepts. “There’s no where else in the world I’d rather be than here with Ben,” she says. In case viewers needed another reminder, Ben talks more about how great it is that Lindzi has opened up to him.

Courtney’s Date

Last but not least, Courtney reunites with Ben for what he describes as a “very Swiss date.” They take a little train to a cute little Swiss town, and go buy food for a picnic.

Courtney tells the cameras that she feels bad for treating the girls poorly. They sit down for a picnic in a field among the cows. Courtney talks about the way she treated the women, and Ben stammers and changes the subject. Courtney is concerned that he’s genuinely upset about the way she’s treated the other women.

Later, they unwind with some wine and deep conversation. She tells Ben she worries that Ben thinks she’s being fake. “I think I’ve been totally immature at times, and looking back, I would have done things differently,” says Courtney apologetically.

Ben says he’s relieved that Courtney apologized, and he offers her the fantasy suite invitation.

The next day, Ben is sitting in his hotel talking about how content he is with life and his women.

But wait! There’s a special surprise guest and it’s ousted contestant, sweetheart Kacie B. She’s back to get closure and (what else) warn Ben about Courtney.

“I feel like when I left I was in shock and I didn’t know what to say,” says Kacie B. She says she’s back because she wants answers from Ben about why he broke up with her.

Ben says he felt like they were “worlds apart” and come from very different backgrounds. He adds that he just didn’t see her making it to the end.

“I feel like if you were to choose Courtney, you would get your heartbroken,” Kacie B. adds. Ben seems to take what Courtney’s words to heart.

Rose Ceremony

Ben says he’s confused after the visit from Kacie. He says he had made his decision, but now he’s conflicted.

Ben and Chris Harrison talk about Ben’s concerns. Harrison asks if he wants Kacie to return to the rose ceremony, but Ben says that would be “too much” considering the women he already has.

Ben stares at photos of the women for a while, saying he can see a life with all of them. Chris Harrison says this is “essentially, the last rose ceremony,” because the next step will be Ben selecting his potential future wife.

Ben gives the first rose to Lindzi. The second and final rose goes to Courtney.

Nicki is sent home.

Ben walks Nicki out, and says he was beginning to have “doubts.”  In the limo, Nicki cries, and says she’s worried Ben isn’t going to pick the right person.

Ben tells the women that they will be going to be meeting his family and are heading to a remote village in Switzerland. Next week is the “Women Tell All” special, which will feature plenty of surprises as the women return to face Ben.

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