'The Bachelor': Chris Confronts Tearful Jade, Kaitlyn on "Women Tell All" Episode

Kaitlyn said she still thinks "every day" about Chris cutting her, while Britt had some pointed words for Carly.
Jade talks to Chris during the "Women Tell All" Episode

The ladies got to air their grievances with each other and tell Chris Soules where he went wrong on The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special Monday. Oh, and an onion was involved.

Britt and Carly were the focus of the start of the special, as the two went back and forth. Britt criticized Carly for calling her out, saying Carly "narrated my entire love story for the past three weeks," and even Jillian had Britt's back. Britt then told Chris Harrison that she believes she could have ended up with the hunky farmer.

Kelsey also got her share of grief from the women, as she was called out for referring to her back story — involving her husband passing away — as "amazing." Kelsey then grilled Ashley I. for calling her a "black widow" and questioning the validity of her claims.

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Ashley S. was her same baffling self, as she responded to Chris Harrison when he asked her to appear on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise: "It's so weird — that we're on TV." It sure is, Ash. She also gave Chris an onion as a gift, proving that she at least has some sense of self-awareness.

Jade got emotional while speaking to Chris H., saying it "absolutely crushed" her when Chris S. wrote in his blog that he found it disturbing to learn about her Playboy past.

Kaitlyn's time on the stage was quite touching, as she said she still thinks "every day" about Chris cutting her, adding that her "heart still hurts." She said she wishes Chris could have "given me one tiny little sign that maybe I wasn't the one."

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Finally, Chris Soules himself walked out. First up to confront him was Britt, who gave him the world's longest hug. Chris told her that his decision wasn't made by Carly's tattling, and it was clear that Chris did not have any misgivings about having let Britt go.

Kaitlyn got a big round of applause from the crowd when she told Chris that he should have pulled her aside to talk to her, rather than cutting her at the rose ceremony. Chris did his best to explain that he still didn't know whom he would cut, even once the rose ceremony started. If you say so, Chris.

Chris then got an earful from Jade, as he explained that "disturbing" was the wrong choice of words, and he just meant that it seemed out of character. Then, she took him to task for saying it was "awkward" to look at her sexy photos with her, as she wished he had just told her that at the time. Chris apparently could use a thesaurus.

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Finally, the episode ended in a way that let everyone know just how authentic and genuine the show really is: Yes, Chris Harrison took a moment to plug his new romance novel. We're sure it's the most dramatic romance novel ever.

Whose side are you on in the Britt-Carly debate? Do you think Chris let Jade or Kaitlyn go prematurely? Have you already ordered a copy of Chris Harrison's book? (By the way, in case you're wondering: No, we couldn't finish typing that previous sentence with a straight face.) Let us know in the comments!

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