'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Says He Was 'Blindsided' by 'Women Tell All' Accusations

The Bachelor Women Tell All AshLee Sean - H 2013

The Bachelor Women Tell All AshLee Sean - H 2013

You know that saying about hell, fury and a woman scorned?

Meet AshLee, a former contestant of The Bachelor who had a few bones to pick with Sean Lowe in the Women Tell All special.

On last week’s episode, AshLee, a personal organizer from Houston, was kicked off the show after the overnight dates and left without saying a word to Sean.

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But it looks like she thought of a few words to say, and let them all loose on Monday’s special, accusing Sean of acting like “a frat boy” with the other two women. And on top of that, in the episode’s most surprising moment, she accused him of telling her -- in the privacy of their fantasy suite -- that he had no interest in the other two contestants, Catherine and Lindsay.

“I really wanted to see AshLee, and that was also the person I was kind of dreading,” Sean told The Hollywood Reporter backstage after the heated reunion. “We left on not-so-good terms. She left very angry, and I was really looking forward to the opportunity to provide her with closure.”

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But the heartbreaker said he was “blindsided” by AshLee’s accusation that he told her that he was not interested in the two other woman.

“I’m certainly not calling her a liar, I just think I probably said something that she took the wrong way,” he said. “I’m sorry that that happened because I don’t want her to have those feeling and feel like she was deceived.”

Before Sean took the stage, AshLee had sat down with host Chris Harrison and said she was shocked by how Lower had been acting with the other two contestants.

“With me he was just a Southern gentleman, but with the other girls -- and hate me for this -- he kinda acted like a frat boy,” she said.

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While Sean wasn’t onstage to hear the comment, THR told him about it after the taping.

“I despise frat boys!” he said with a laugh. “I’ve never worn khaki shorts or Sperrys in my life. I don’t own a polo shirt.

“I’m sorry she has those feelings, but I’m a goofy guy and I’m silly a lot of the time, and I think that came out when I was with Catherine and Lindsay a lot more than when I was with AshLee and maybe she just doesn’t understand it,” Sean added.

While Sean kept quiet about his current relationship status, she did say he’s “very happy.”

The season finale of The Bachelor airs at 8 p.m. Monday on ABC.

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