'Bachelor' Peter Weber Says Finalist Didn't Give Him a Sex Ultimatum

Bachelor star Peter Weber was thrown for a loop by one of his final three women, Madison Prewett, during the highly anticipated week of Fantasy Suites.

During Monday's episode — which aired two weeks ahead of the finale — the frontrunner finally opened up to the ABC star about her faith, sharing with Weber that she is saving herself for marriage. But the bombshell came when she told the Bachelor that she didn't think she could continue their relationship if he had already been intimate with his other two finalists, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller. The problem? Weber had already had his overnight dates with both Sluss and Fuller, and he told Prewett that he had, in fact, been intimate.

The episode ended with Prewett walking away — with both her and Weber in tears — possibly for good. 

On social media, the backlash was swift, with many in Bachelor Nation criticizing Prewett for not opening up to Weber about her expectations until it was too late. Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay called Prewett "hypocritical to hold that against him when you withheld this information from him knowing what this show is and knowing who Peter is," and host Chris Harrison agreed and wondered if Prewett will be vilified over her actions.

But Weber shares a different opinion.

"I could tell she was very uncomfortable and did not want it to come across as an ultimatum," he told The Hollywood Reporter at the Los Angeles taping for the Bachelor: Women Tell All reunion (which is set to air Monday). "There’s a difference there. And she just felt like it was important for me to know if I did something like that it would be tough for her to move forward with the relationship. I can’t fault her for just sharing her heart."

After famously having sex four times during Fantasy Suites week when he was competing for Hannah Brown's final rose on The Bachelorette last year, Weber has since leaned into his sex-positive labeling — and the sexual windmill-themed branding that ABC used to promote his season. Going into the 24th cycle of the dating franchise, Weber said he has never been uncomfortable speaking about sex and that it would play into his season, and perhaps into his unpredictable and spoiler-free ending.

Below, in a chat with THR, Weber explains how he was able to fall for three women going into the finale and why he respects Prewett, despite the viewer response and their differing viewpoints: "Opposites attract. But I think if you can find a compromise, it can be a great relationship."

The Bachelor has fallen in love with two women before, but you fell in love with all three finalists. What was that experience like for you?

It was not easy at all. It definitely made this whole thing a lot more difficult. I’m a firm believer that the heart feels what it feels, wants what it wants. And I am someone who is very in touch with my heart and what it’s feeling — I think that’s no surprise to anyone. And everything I was feeling up until the end was so real for me, and I just did my best to navigate those feelings.

Some viewers have said that makes you an indecisive Bachelor. How do you respond?

To anyone who has those comments, I would love for you guys to go and try to date so many different people at once and so many different personalities. That’s part of this. And I think it’d be almost weirder and more unusual to just be like a robot and be able to go through this and say, "Oh, I know I want exactly this, this, this, at this moment." That’s not real life. I’m a human being, just like anyone else. So the indecisiveness comments are a little confusing to me because I don’t agree. I think that’s just being a human being and trying to figure it out as you go.

Madison didn't tell you until after your other Fantasy Suites dates that she is saving herself for marriage. If she would have told you earlier, would it have changed how things went?

Listen, I one hundred percent respect Madi’s decision for that. It’s a beautiful thing that someone wants to give that kind of gift, in my opinion, to someone else. Obviously, I have a different lifestyle and we’re different in that regard, and there’s no secret about that and that’s OK. And I think it has the opportunity to make for a beautiful story of two different people coming together and having different viewpoints. And they say opposites attract, or whatnot. But I think if you can find a compromise, it can be a great relationship.

You became known for your sex-positive outlook going into your season. One could argue that Madison should have known that you would likely be intimate with women during Fantasy Suites. Is it fair that she came into this with the assumption that you wouldn't? 

Listen, that conversation that I had with Madi where she expressed to me what she did about moving forward with Fantasy Suites, I have nothing but respect for her and telling me what was on her heart. I could tell she was very comfortable and did not want it to come across as an ultimatum. There’s a difference there. And she just felt like it was important for me to know that if I did something like that, it would be tough for her to move forward with the relationship. There’s nothing wrong with someone who’s expressing what’s on their heart to me. I asked the girls that from the very first night and that’s all that she did. So, there’s a lot of different lifestyle views, especially with that kind of topic. I can’t fault her for just sharing her heart.

You’ve been teasing this wild, unpredictable ending. Is your story still up in the air at this point?

I don’t know about that. It’s definitely a wild ending. I will say this: It was the craziest last week of my life. Things until the very last second change.

If you do end up single at the end of this, that would be the second season in a row. And this is the fourth consecutive season with an unpredictable ending. Do you think the format of the show still works, or does it need some tweaking? 

No, I think this works too well. And I said that multiple times because of how I was feeling for multiple people at the end. I’ve always been a believer that this worked and I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity if I didn’t. And this time around just proved to me more that, like I said, it almost works too well. 

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Tiffany Taylor contributed to this story.

The Bachelor: Women Tell All airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The following week, ABC will air a two-night finale on Monday and Tuesday, both at 8 p.m.