Hannah Brown Returns to 'The Bachelor' in Season 24 Trailer

Hannah Brown is...back?

On the eve of her big night, the newly minted Dancing With the Stars winner and former star of the most recent The Bachelorette season made another surprise cameo on an ABC series. In the first trailer for Peter Weber's 2020 season of The Bachelor (which premieres Jan. 6), the single reality star does what many Bachelorette viewers had hoped she would do after her finale — she appears to fight for another chance with one of her runner-ups.  

In the choppy footage of Brown's return on Weber's season, she sits down with the Bachelor and can be heard talking about making decisions for her heart. "I know there is still something there...and I would do anything for a relationship," she tells Weber, whose body language signals that he is thrilled about what seems to signal her wanting a second chance. "What would you say if I asked you to come...be a part of the house?" he is heard asking her as he rubs her back intimately. 

While it's worth noting that Bachelor trailer editing cannot be fully trusted, Brown's visit certainly causes a stir among the other contestants on the show.

Weber's season is poised to kick off differently than seasons past, as ABC promises a first-ever premiere night group date and hints at Brown's return being featured in the debut episode. "Peter’s search for his soulmate takes off when a few women earn their wings on a daring group date plus other romantic dates — a first ever on a Bachelor premiere — and will feature a special surprise visitor who has everyone talking!" reads the synopsis.

Brown had her heart broken on her season of The Bachelorette. After becoming engaged to winner Jed Wyatt on the pretaped finale, she broke it off with the Nashville crooner before the live finale when she uncovered that he hadn't been truthful about a prior relationship or his commitment to her during their engagement. She then appeared on DWTS, which wrapped its season Monday night. (Brown's filming schedule in Los Angeles for DWTS would conflict with a long-term commitment on The Bachelor, which travels around the world after the first weeks of production.)

Elsewhere in the trailer, the first look highlights Weber's forthcoming intimate relationships with other contestants. The Delta pilot from California, who grew up near the famed Bachelor Mansion, was most known during his Bachelorette run for his sexual prowess with Brown. She memorably revealed on live TV that they had sex four times during their overnight date in a windmill-themed suite, which explains the windmill appearances in ABC's promos for Weber's season.

Weber also suffered an injury while filming. After enduring what Chris Harrison called a "freak accident," the star needed stitches to his face. The injury, however, is not featured in the first footage and was not severe enough to halt production.

Ahead of Weber's announcement as Bachelor, ABC released the names and bios of 33 contestants for his 2020 season. This is the second cycle in a row that the network made the contestants public early, in hopes that Bachelor Nation would take to social media to help weed out any problematic picks. After several seasons of casting controversies, Brown's season was the first cycle to experiment with the early release, though the move could not prevent her finalists from being hit with reports from ex-girlfriends during their run.

Watch the first trailer for The Bachelor below.