'Bachelor Wedding': Sean Lowe, Chris Harrison on the Live Nuptials, Rainy Weather and Ceremony Details

The groom and the show's host talked to THR about what viewers can expect when the wedding airs live Sunday night on ABC.
Emily Shur
Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici are set to be married on live TV in just a few hours -- but there are no nerves are anxiety on his part.

The couple -- who met on his season of ABC's The Bachelor, which aired last year -- will be wed at the picturesque Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore in Santa Barbara in a live ceremony airing at 8 p.m. ET (with a tape-delay on the West Coast).

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"No nerves right now," Sean told The Hollywood Reporter on a rainy Sunday morning. "I'm excited and anxious."

He added that he wanted to get married on television for several reasons.

"It just made sense for us," he said. "Our relationship started on TV and has followed us along the way. Not only that, but the people who put on the show have become very close to us. It's like a big family. And on top of that, we knew we'd have an incredible wedding we didn't have to pay for. But most importantly, Bachelor Nation is so passionate about the show and they truly feel invested in our relationship. It's a great opportunity to have them there with us."

This also marks the fourth televised wedding in Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise history, following the nuptials of Ryan and Trista Sutter, Jason and Molly Mesnick andJ.P. and Ashley Rosenblaum. But it's the first live wedding, although host Chris Harrison told THR he's been lobbying for that for some time.

"I wanted to do with back with Trista [who married Ryan in the first televised Bachelor wedding in 2003]," he said. "With social media, ting get out instantaneously. If you have a big event like a Super Bowl or an awards show and you show it three or four days later, everybody already knows what happened and it loses a bit of its pizzazz."

On Sunday morning, a rainy downpour came in Santa Barbara (it should be noted that it hadn't rained in Southern California in some time, with Gov. Jerry Brown formally declaring a drought emergency on Jan. 17). Despite the weather, the wedding will go on as planned -- and Harrison notes that because of the live nature, "it's not going to be picture perfect," but that's what makes for good live TV.

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As for the ceremony, overseen by celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, Sean said it also was important to the couple to "bring the indoors outdoors." To that end, guests at the outdoor ceremony will sit in love seats and chairs with chandeliers overhead. The ceremony itself will be "fairly traditional," he added. Additionally, Sean said he and Catherine wrote their own vows.

"We agreed to memorize our vows, so hopefully we don't forget anything," he said. "For the most part, they're pretty serious. I wanted [mine to be heartfelt. We're goofy all the time, but this is he time to tell her what I'm feeling, I promise to love her for the rest of my life."

Sean's dad also will serve as the officiant, but Sean said his father wasn't nervous either: "He's excited just like I am."

Sean, who plans to continue living in Dallas with his bride following the wedding, said he and Catherine hadn't seen, spoken or texted each other on Sunday, having instituted a rule of "12 hours of no communication."

The duo also will honeymoon for a week at a location Sean declined to reveal. He did say that the wedding cake is "untraditional," or "whimsical," as Catherine calls it, while his groom's cake represents his two chocolate labs, who would not be attending the wedding.

Viewers won't get to see any of the reception due to the live element, but Harrison said cameras will be recording it and footage likely will be shown on some future telecast, possibly the Women Tell All episode or the After the Final Rose installment later this season.

While the current Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, was not in attendance, several series alums were, including the Sutters, the Mesnicks, the Rosenblaums, Deanna Stagliano (who married Stephen Stagliano, the brother of alum Michael Stagliano), and Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, who are currently planning their own wedding. The couple told THR they have to nail down the date -- which will be sometime in 2014. "I feel like everything falls into place once you have a date and venue," Desiree said, adding that they've discussed "all the other details." "We're looking forward to that."

She added that she's managed to keep her dress designs -- which she's co-designing -- secret from him so far. "She's done a really good job hiding that," Chris said of her sketches.

As for any plans to air their own wedding on TV, the couple said they're open to the idea but aren't quite sure about the live aspect.

Meanwhile, the Rosenblaums said they are looking down the road at having children. Asked if they're let their own children appear on The Bachelor/Bachelorette down the road, the spouses answered in unison with a resounding, "No."

"I love it, but no way," Ashley said with a laugh. Added J.P.: "A son maybe, a daughter no way." Her response? "But it worked for us, so why would it not work for her or him?"

The Bachelor Wedding airs live at 8-10 p.m. ET on Sunday.