'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All': 10 Things You Didn't See on TV

The Bachelor Women Tell All Group - H 2013

The Bachelor Women Tell All Group - H 2013

Every season, The Bachelor: The Women Tell All is a cornucopia of drama, tears and broken hearts. This season’s two-hour special was no different.

Sean Lowe took the stage Monday to face the firing squad of the 24 women he sent packing during his season. AshLee accused him of being a “frat boy” who lied to her, Sarah broke down and cried, and Tierra tried to defend her actions.

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Things actually got so heated in the argument between AshLee and Sean about if he did or didn’t say he had no feelings for the other women that the producers of the show decided to show viewers what happened during the commercial break when the argument continued.

But there was a lot more drama that didn't make it onto the show. The Hollywood Reporter attended the six-hour taping several weeks ago and now can share all the behind-the-scenes spice.

Here are 10 things you didn’t see on TV:

1. Chris Harrison Taped the Opening at the Beginning and End
Host Chris Harrison taped the show’s opening twice at the beginning of the six-hour taping. “Who screwed that up? Which one of you?” he joked with the audience after the first take. He then did it one more time at the end of the show, but the audience’s energy was much lower, and they had to be encouraged to act perky for one more take.

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2. AshLee Went to Her Diary for Evidence
AshLee told THR that she got back into the mind-set she had when she was dumped in Thailand by reading her old diary entries. She said Sean had told her while they were in their fantasy suite that he didn’t have any interest in either of the other two remaining contestants. “What he had said to me, I had written the very next morning,” she told THR. “And when I read it, I thought: ‘That’s what I need to know. I need to know why he told me these things and then sent me home four days later.’ ”

3. Much More Was Said About Tierra
Before Tierra came onstage, Harrison had a much longer talk with the other women. When he asked if any of them thought Tierra genuinely fell down the stairs, Sarah said she was the only one who actually witnessed the now-infamous tumble. “She legitimately fell down the stairs,” she told the audience. Several of the other women agreed that she really did take a bad fall. However, Ashley’s quote about Tierra being “a little dramatic” was the only one kept in the segment.

4. Chris Harrison Sang
During one break from taping, Harrison thanked the members of the audience who had donated to a charity to get their seat at the reunion taping. He also invited a girl named Bridgette to come up to the stage. It was her 13th birthday, so Harrison and the audience sang “Happy Birthday” to her. “And now you know why I’m not on American Idol,” joked Harrison.

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5. Ashley P. Had an Awkward Moment
Ashley P. (the Fifty Shades of Grey fan) made things awkward by telling Sarah that all her friends thought Sarah was the hottest girl on the show. Ashley feigned offense at the fact that her own buddies didn't feel she was the best looking girl on the show. “I was like, 'Aww thanks, dicks,' ” she joked. But it came off as disingenuous and extremely awkward. No wonder it was cut.

6. Tierra Insulted Chris Harrison
Tierra attempted to defend herself during her interview with Harrison. One of the other women asked her if she had ever watched the show because every time a woman has come on saying “I’m not here to make friends” she’s become a target. “I’m not a Bachelor fan,” responded Tierra. Harrison seemed pretty surprised by this remark from the filterless Tierra. “When you say something like that, to me, on my show, I’m not hurt. I’m OK. The show's probably going to go on, but why say that out loud?” But Tierra couldn’t really understand why it would be insulting to Harrison that she doesn’t care for his show. “Everyone takes my personality so bad,” she responded.

7. Sean Wished He Could Have Spoken to Tierra
Interestingly, the producers didn’t put Tierra in front of Sean at the reunion. Tierra faced the wrath of the other women but was removed before Sean arrived. Sean told THR that he wished he had gotten to sit down with this season’s most controversial lady. “I just see on Twitter people are saying really hateful things. I just want her to know I don’t have any bad feeling towards her,” he told THR after the taping. “I know she’s a good person, or she has some good to her, and I also know that she didn’t handle herself well with the other women. Hopefully she’s learned from that, but I wish nothing for the best for her.”

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8. Comebacks Got Cut
Comebacks, especially towards Tierra, were cut for time. Some of our favorites:
“Ashton Kutcher must be here somewhere because we’re being punked.” -- Robin.
“I think you’re more of an outcast than Andre 3000 himself.” --Leslie to Tierra.

9. One Woman Didn’t Speak at All
While a lot of the contestants’ comments during the Women Tell All special got cut down for time, there was one woman who didn’t speak at all throughout the six-hour taping. Katie, the yoga instructor sitting in the back room, didn’t make a single comment. She had left the show on her own accord rather than being kicked off by Sean. In radio interviews after the show, Katie had said that it was “sickening” to watch the women throw themselves at Sean, so maybe she didn’t want to be a part of the reunion at all.

10. Chris Harrison Asked Selma About Who She Is Dating Now
After Selma spent some time explaining why she resisted kissing Sean, Harrison asked her if it’s true that she’s been dating a Bachelorette contestant: Arie Luyendyk Jr. “No comment,” she responded. “The blush on your cheeks is comment enough,” responded Harrison.

The finale of The Bachelor airs at 8 p.m. Monday on ABC.

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