'The Bachelor: Women Tell All': 5 Biggest Surprises

The Bachelor Women Tell All Group 2 - H 2013

The Bachelor Women Tell All Group 2 - H 2013

On Monday, the women booted off The Bachelor by Sean Lowe all got back together to catch up on their experiences on the show and have one final sit-down with the bachelor himself.

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The most anticipated arrival was Tierra, the controversial contestant who came off as manipulating and mean while on the show. Of course, the producers waited to bring her out until after all the other women had arrived on the set. There were several other surprising moments during the show, including AshLee’s rage and accusations and Sarah's tears.

The Hollywood Reporter attended the taping of the heated reunion. Here are the five most surprising moments from the show:

1. AshLee Let the Accusations Fly
AshLee, who made it to the final three, came off on the show as a more mature woman than most, who liked to stay in control. But when she took the hot seat to face Sean at the reunion, she seemed to lose control and let her anger loose. She told host Chris Harrison that Sean was very different when he was around the other two finalists than when he was around her, calling him a “frat boy.” Then, when Sean arrived, she alleged that he had told her that he had absolutely no feelings for the other two women. Of course, he told her this while they were in the fantasy suite together and away from the cameras, so it’s her word against his. Sean denied, denied, denied.

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2. Sarah Was the First to Cry
Sarah teared up when she took the hot seat. The advertising executive who was born with one arm said she was falling for Sean, but then he sent her home after a lackluster kiss. “I always fall back on, 'It must be because I have one arm,'” she said. Sarah went on to say that she’s been broken up with several times in the same fashion -- called a great girl but told she’s just not right.
3. Tierra Felt Bullied
The most controversial contestant of the season took the hot seat in front of all the women she pissed off. Tierra tried to defend herself, saying that all the women didn’t like her from the beginning because she got the first rose on the first night. She added that she felt “bullied” by the other women. But the others were not having it. Lesley said: “I wouldn’t say bully, I really wouldn’t. I would say Tierra made her own bed, her own cot.”

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4. Desiree Talked About the "Worst Hometown in Bachelor History"
Desiree’s brother made a big old mess of her hometown date with Sean, accusing him of not being in love with her. She was sent home at the end of the episode. “It was like the worst hometown in Bachelor history,” said the fan favorite. Interestingly, she said her brother was unhappy with the way he appeared on the show, but he’s just a very intense person. “Although I do value his opinion, that would never steer me in one way or the other,” she said of her brother, but she did admit that his actions toward Sean “didn’t help” her stay on the show.

5. Tierra Got Engaged
Reports surfaced that Tierra got engaged after being booted off the show. She showed off her bling-ring at the reunion but was careful not to say too much about her beau, whom she had dated before the show. “We separated, and I thought I was moving on with my life and I closed that chapter,” she said. “As soon as I got back, we rekindled things.” She told Harrison that she got engaged in January and vehemently denied that the engagement was a hoax.

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The finale of The Bachelor airs at 8 p.m. Monday on ABC.

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