'The Bachelor: Women Tell All': 17 Moments That Didn't Make It to Air

From Nick and Rachel's private pep talk to the alcohol passed on set, here are more highlights that didn't make the ABC reunion special.
Michael Yada/ABC
Chris Harrison, Corinne Olympios on 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All'

Monday's Bachelor: Women Tell All special had plenty of dramatic moments. When the former contestants of Nick Viall's The Bachelor reunited for the annual televised special, rivals Corinne and Taylor sparred over their "emotional intelligence" and early castoff Liz preached that women should be "building each other up, not tearing each other down." (Head here for a full recap.) 

But there were also many memorable moments that didn't make it to air. The Hollywood Reporter was on-set during the taping of ABC's televised two-hour cast reunion outside of Los Angeles. Read on to find out what the cameras missed — and what got left on the cutting room floor. 

The taping lasted five hours  

Though only two hours aired on TV, those who attended the taping were in for a nearly five-hour event. Even host Chris Harrison couldn't help but find comic relief in the waning moments. “What day is it? We should make the show longer," he joked. When filming finally wrapped after 9 p.m., he said, “It was a great rehearsal, just nine more hours to go."

Alcohol — and Corinne-themed shirts — were passed around 

After Corinne stepped off the set to get some champagne during her heated moment with Taylor, the 24-year-old shared her flute with a dozen of the contestants behind her. In between takes, the women took sips from red Solo cups, exclaiming they "[needed] wine or champagne" to get through the taping. Also being handed out to the studio audience? "Make America Corinne Again" signs and "platinum vagine" shirts.

Nick and Rachel had a private pep talk 

There is truly no love lost between the brand-new exes. Nick and Rachel, who was eliminated on Monday's episode, reunited backstage before their televised moment in Chris' hotseat. Nick hugged Rachel offstage, telling her about her being cast as the next Bachelorette, “I'm so happy for you. I'm proud of you. Talk to you later — we'll do something!" Rachel, excited to catch up more off-camera, asked him, “Do I see you after or no?” Nick assured her they would, before telling her she looked "great." She replied, "So do you."

And expressed how they missed each other

Once onstage, Nick told his ex, “I miss our friendship. It's hard to live that. That's the bittersweet part of being the Bachelor. I think you'll find out about being the Bachelorette, so good luck.” Rachel responded, “I have to respect the decision you made. I hope you're happy. At the end of the day, I miss what we had. I know you miss me, too." Nick also offered Rachel's contestants more advice: "Get ready. She is a fighter. I hope the guys have a bit of wit about them because if they don't, they're in trouble." And he checked in with the lawyer when the cameras weren't rolling to make sure she was comfortable. “Is this awkward for you?” he asked. She let him know, “I'm good."

Rachel pre-gamed with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

“I've been drinking Fireball," Rachel, who was kept separately backstage until her debut, told Nick when the cameras weren't rolling. 

Chris Harrison mixed up a few of the contestants

The host accidentally mixed up Dominique and Jasmine, creating a very awkward moment on-set. He also mixed up the Danielles, asking Danielle L. about her early one-on-one date, though Danielle M. had that alone time with Nick.

Chris helped Corinne with her cheese-pasta bit

Chris had to whisper into Corinne's ear, "Cheese pasta," to remind her to bring the snack on-set. When she passed the treat, a nanny Raquel special, the contestants munched on the macaroni, starving after being on-set for multiple hours. Later, Chris also encouraged Corinne to hug Taylor, and Rachel to hug her fellow Bachelor contestants, providing for a shared moment of embrace.

Corinne and Taylor's fight took up the most time

Taylor — who had Haley and Astrid passionately coming to her defense, to the point where Chris joked that Astrid should be her "PR agent" — said "emotional intelligence" has been Googled now more than it has been in the last five years.

Alexis the "dolphin" had a few funny moments 

Alexis (aka the dolphin-shark) detailed her Bachelor premiere experience, when she first introduced viewers to the now infamous costume. "It was 100 percent a shark costume, but the drunker I got the more it looked like a dolphin," she admitted. Chris told the aspiring dolphin trainer, "The lesson is you can be a shark on the outside, but a dolphin on the inside. I 'gotchu.' I feel your dolphin side ... Nick and I truly loved your commitment to character." Meanwhile, Jasmine revealed she was far less amused. “The dolphin talked to Nick before me and I was pissed," she said of her mood on night one.

But Nick chimed in, "It was very hard to say goodbye to Alexis. I think America lost something when I had to say goodbye to Alexis." She informed him, "I would have stayed around to be your wingman." Later, Alexis tapped out, telling her seat partners, “I don't want to speak, so you guys keep attacking each other." 

One of Nick's exes was in the audience

Former Bachelor contestant Brittany, an early elimination, was sitting in the audience instead of onstage. She never spoke. The mother of Olivia Caridi from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor also scored an invite to the taping. 

Jasmine blamed Corinne's napping on her drinking

Jasmine claimed Corinne's first on-air nap wasn’t a nap, but was actually her passing out from drinking. “You're telling America you're taking a nap. Adults drink. They black out. You're telling everyone else you took a nap, but what I'm saying is you blacked out," she charged. But Corinne detailed the “anxiety attack” she suffered, explaining why she took a nap during the rose ceremony: "I really could not breathe. I could not catch my breath. I could not stand. I know what was happening in my own self that night."

Danielle M. dropped an F-bomb

The sweet neonatal nurse had enough of Corinne's napping excuses. "We stood in those f—ing heels," said the usually quiet contestant of the long rose ceremony. Chris also commented on her revealing look, saying, "Looks like someone stole the front of your dress."

Liz further detailed her attempts to reach Nick before the show

Liz said she did make an effort to meet with Nick after their wedding hookup. She said her friend tried to set something up where they would cross paths but that Nick didn't show up. Chris told Liz she and Nick must have a “pretty good history, I mean it must have been good because you came back." Liz also revealed the premiere-night moment that did not happen. She was going to give her number to Nick on a wedding invitation. Chris had no problem with Liz coming on the show, knowing her story. “I thought it would have been a great love story.” She also bluntly told Chris when asked about the backstage Bachelor, "I have nothing to say to him."

Danielle L. was accused of being too cheery

There was a whole conversation that didn’t air about people judging Danielle L. for being super happy.

Abbreviations, explained

The women used the acronym “ITMs” to describe their interviews on the show. It apparently stands for “In the Moments.”

Chris and Nick are buds

The pair geeked out over Elijah Wood's recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon during a commercial break. To Fallon, the actor revealed he was a big fan of the show and is friends with Nick in real life. Chris: "How good was the Fallon bit?" Nick: "So good."

The real reason the women were screaming at each other

They're all auditioning for Bachelor in Paradise! They joked. The cast for the summer spinoff is still up in the air.

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