‘The Bachelor’: 11 Dramatic Moments From 'The Women Tell All'

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As Bachelor Nation anxiously awaits the season finale next week — in which one lucky woman will receive Ben Higgins' final rose — fans were treated to a dramatic reunion in season 20's edition of the The Women Tell All.

On Monday, the contestants who failed to steal Ben's heart dished on what happened behind the scenes, what went wrong with their relationships and what's next on their agendas. Here's a breakdown of the most dramatic moments of the night. 

1. Jubilee is confronted for making racial comments. 

The show quickly took a serious turn when Jami and Amber called out Jubilee for saying she was "the real black girl" on the show. At first, Jubilee tried to dodge the subject. But Amber and Jami were not going to let Jubilee off that easy — they asserted that the war veteran at certain points used the "N-word" and told them that they were not "black enough." Ultimately, Jubilee admitted that using the term "full black" is something she would say, but she tried to claim that the phrase is not "offensive." In the end, she pleaded the fifth and said she would not be "claiming" that she ever made those insensitive remarks on The Bachelor

2. Lace meets her (creepy) secret admirer.

Lace — also known as "50 Shades of Lace" for her self-proclaimed "crazy" personality — had quite the eventful night. Not only did she agree to join the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, but she also had an unusual encounter with a die-hard fan. In the middle of her heart-to-heart with host Chris Harrison, a man jumped up in the audience to proclaim, "You are crazy. Crazy beautiful. And I don’t want to seem crazy myself but I have to show you this one thing." The audience member proceeded to lift up his shirt to reveal a tattoo of Lace's face! (Do you think it was real?) The Lace fanatic was lucky enough to snap a picture with his crush onstage after a very cautious Chris told him to "keep your distance."

3. Olivia and Emily get into another catfight.

No surprise here! Olivia and Emily were at it again, but this time, Emily was reunited with her twin sister, Haley. The twins ripped into Olivia for "disrespecting" the women on the show. Plus, Haley could not help but dig into Olivia for stating that she liked "to talk smart things" in contrast to her fellow contestants. 

4. A chicken is present. 

"Sheila" the chicken interrupted Emily's monologue by nearly attacking Lace. 

5. Chris hits a nerve with Caila.

Poor Caila. The software sales rep made it to the top three, but was voted off last week in the season's most emotional goodbye yet. On The Women Tell All, Caila shared that she still has incredibly strong feelings for Ben, but added that she is hopeful for the future: “I fell in love with him. ... It's really hard to watch back, but you know what was really good for me was to see his relationships with Lauren and JoJo because the way he looks at them, I want someone to look at me that way some day."

6. Amanda stands up for her babies.

You go, Amanda. The mother of two finally had a moment to address Olivia's quip about her life being like watching a Teen Mom episode. While Olivia was in the hot seat, Amanda stated, “Did you not talk about me and my kids and say that any guy should be running the other way from somebody with kids? Do you not think that’s rude?" Watch the confrontation unfold in the video below. 

7. Caila and Ben get closure after their tough breakup. 

Finally, Ben stepped out to face the women for the first time since he sent them home. The show's leading man first turned to Caila to answer any of her lingering questions and to provide a sense of closure. He turned to her with a heartfelt message, "I hope you know how much I learned from our conversations. … We just explored life to a level that I never expected, so I appreciate you and I appreciate you coming back here tonight." 

8. Leah does not feel bad about lying. 

Remember Leah the Liar? The contestant from Denver, Colo., had the audacity to interrupt Caila's special moment with Ben to bring up her own drama. Earlier in the season, Leah claimed to Ben that Lauren (who is now in the top two) was a different person around him than she was with the other women. Well, believe it or not, Leah still could not let that go. You would think she would take this opportunity to apologize for her actions, but instead she just got angry with Ben for ratting her out. "Why you had to go and tell, you know, Lauren right away and put me in a position where I had to figure out whether I was going to openly discuss it with all the girls, when nobody else should have been involved, or lie and say that I didn’t talk?"

Luckily, Ben still has his common sense and put Leah's little story to rest. 

“You said something to me that night that was gonna affect another relationship. and I had to confront it," said Ben. "I never used your name, but when it was brought up in front of you, your response then was your response, and that was up to you."

9. Olivia apologized to all the women on the show.

Can you believed this actually happened? A very tearful Olivia turned to the contestants to express her deepest apologies, especially to Amanda and other young moms whom she may have offended. 

10. Ben opens up about saying “I love you" to two women.

Yes, Ben did discuss his shocking decision to tell two women that he loved them, but to be honest — he did not look very guilty about it. Ben seemed too head over heels in love to care much about the matter. He was eager to share with Chris how much he cares about the lady who received the final rose: "I am more in love than I've ever been. ... I would marry that woman tomorrow if I could."

11. There are unforgettable bloopers.

Possibly the best moment from the show was the hysterical blooper reel. From bugs to booze, watch some of the best of the night. 

Do you look forward to watching Lace on Bachelor in Paradise? What was your take on Olivia's final words on the show? Who do you think will receive Ben's final rose — JoJo or Lauren? Share what you think in the comments below.