'The Bachelor': 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes From the 'Women Tell All' Special

The Bachelor 1601 Ben Flajnik with Girls - H 2012

The Bachelor 1601 Ben Flajnik with Girls - H 2012

The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" episode brought the return of the many women that Ben Flajnik had cast aside in his search for The One.

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.]

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And of course, ABC threw in a few curve balls, including bringing in Courtney, the controversial finalist who many believe is "gaming" her way into Ben's heart. This was the first time a woman who is still a finalist was brought to the special.

While some of the women found closure by talking the Ben one more time, other women spent most of the episode bickering with each other and attacking Courtney. For her part, Courtney attempted to apologize for her actions on the show, but it fell on deaf ears.

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Here are 10 of the best quotes from the "Women Tell All" special:

1. “When you’re sitting there with your tits out, face f---ing Ben in the pool, it’s not you trying to be more mature than us.” -Samantha
Samantha (who even remembers this girl?) tries to get more time in the special early on by going on the attack. She throws this line out at Blakely, who is defending herself against many of the women who accuse her of being there for all the wrong reasons. Blakely says she didn’t come on the show to make friends, but kept “the blinders on” and her focus purely on winning Ben’s heart.

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2. "You are like the Chihuahua in the house, you just don't stop talking.” -Brittney
Brittney snaps this zinger at the extremely talkative Samantha after the blonde interrupts her several times. It does shut up Samantha for a while, but not for long. Brittney gets a loud applause from the audience.

3. “Things are really good back in Chico!" -Shawntel
Shawntel, the woman who crashed the party in hopes of winning over Ben’s heart, returned to the show to tell the women how hurtful their comments had been. She added that she was glad that she tried, and threw this comment out to prove her point that her life is better in Chico, despite being called “white trash” while on the show.

4. "She's a liar, vapid, manipulative, not nice and hurtful." -Monica
Monica throws out a very serious string of insults when the topic of finalist Courtney is raised. Many of the women agree with Monica. Courtney, the gorgeous, game-playing model continues to be one of the most hated women to ever appear on the show.

5. “Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don’t think so.” -Emily
The Courtney-bashing continues as Emily, who was one of the most well-spoken women at the reunion, takes a jab at the model when Chris Harrison asks if they think Courtney was really in it for love.

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6. “We were like six days in and you didn’t know my name. I think that says a lot about you trying to be my friend.” -Jen
Jen uses this point to explain why she feels that Courtney is not genuinely apologizing, but rather just wants to repair her image for Ben. Courtney tries to tell the women that she regrets treating them so poorly and that had never been her intention. Obviously, Jen isn’t buying it.

7. “Nobody gives you a manual on how to be on The Bachelor. -Courtney
Courtney makes a long apology to the women and then tells Chris Harrison that the bad press has really hurt her family. She says she’s not a “mean-spirited person” but that the situation just brought out the worst in her.

8. “You said I was a stripper on national television.” -Blakely
Blakely speaks directly to Courtney. She asks for a direct apology from Courtney, who is breaking down in tears. Courtney says “I take it all back” and again apologizes for calling Blakely a stripper…on national television.

9. “Welcome to my nightmare.” -Ben
Ben Flajnik takes the stage, and utters these prophetic words. He goes on to explain how tough it is to see these women again. He says he respects them all in different ways, but had to say goodbye to them once already.

10. “I have a tampon I want to share with you." -Monica
Too bad that Jenna's part of the reunion was saved for the credits. Monica finally reciprocates the very strange offer that Jenna gave her on that very first night after they got into a serious argument just hours into the first night in the house. What a happy, strange way to end the reunion.

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