'The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special': 10 Things That You Didn't See on TV

Ben Flajnik - PR Portrait - The Bachelor - P - 2011
Craig Sjodin/ABC

“The Women Tell All” is a very special week for The Bachelor because it sees the return of all the ousted women who can face each other and Ben Flajnik one more time.

ABC raised its game on Monday night by bringing Courtney, the controversial finalist, on to the stage. It was the first time a current finalist appeared at the “Women Tell All.”

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There was plenty of action while the cameras rolled, with Blakeley fighting back against the women, Shawntel appearing to tell the women how their harsh comments hurt her and Ben explaining his decisions to some of the broken hearted ladies.

The Hollywood Reporter attended the taping of “The Women Tell All,” and can now share with viewers some of the things you didn’t see on TV:

1. Chris Harrison Was Sick
Veteran host Chris Harrison warned the audience before the show started that he wasn’t feeling very well. “I’m already going to apologize,” Harrison said to the audience before the show began taping. “I sound like crap today.” Harrison was so sick that taping had to stop at one point for about half an hour because Harrison felt faint. Show creator Mike Fleiss told THR and the rest of the reporters backstage that Harrison had to be given fluids through an IV during the break.

2. Courtney Cried Even When the Cameras Weren’t On
Viewers got to see Courtney crying plenty on Monday night as she apologized to the other women for her actions on the show. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling during an extended break, tears kept building up in Courtney’s eyes. A producer tried to make her feel better by complaining about his own dating life. “You’re just trying to make me laugh,” Courtney said to the producer.

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3. Jenna Explained Her Actions
During the taping, Jenna, the petite blogger who had a breakdown on the first episode, explained what happened. “There was an ex in my ear constantly before I left,” she said, explaining that her ex made her mind a mess and it all came out during that first episode. However, most of the other women pointed out that Jenna never mentioned an ex while on the show.

4. Courtney Thought More People Would Be on Her Side
During the extended break, Courtney told the producer, “I thought there’d be people sticking up for me.” But of course, when the cameras were rolling, most of the women except Casey S. went back to attacking Courtney for the way she treated them on the show.

5. Jamie Revealed Her Dark Past
Jamie, the woman who gives the most awkward kisses in the world, had a long explanation for why she was acting so strange on the show. She said that she had seen a lot of violence in her past, to the level of “guns” and “choking” abuse. She had also gained custody of her younger siblings. She told the group that she had tried so hard to hide all this major baggage, and that resulted in her erratic behavior.

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6. Chris Harrison Tried To Wrangle the Women In
Harrison had his work cut out for him keeping the women in line, who spent a lot of time talking over each other. "I promise it does not work when 50 of you are talking at once," Harrison told the women.

7. Courtney Had More to Say
A large chunk of what Courtney had to say was cut, probably for time. At one point she said, "I don't think it was as bad as it looks," and added that she made a few friends. She also claimed that she was tramautized, and said, "This is the worst time in my life, and I was hoping it would be the best time in my life."

8. Monica Called Ben Boring
When Ben took the stage to face the women, Monica said, “You are kind of boring on TV.” Surprisingly, Ben’s response was, “I will agree with you 100 percent.”

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9. Jenna, Casey S. Gave Courtney a Hug
While Courtney was attacked by most of the women as she tried to apologize for her actions, two of the women gave her a hug during the taping. About halfway through the “attack on Courtney” session, Jenna defended her, saying “She’s a person, she’s a human being.” She got up and hugged Courtney. After Courtney’s part of the show was done, she got a quick hug from Casey S., who had tried to defend her during the show.

10. Samantha Has the Best Zinger of the Night
Samantha spent the first part of the reunion blasting Blakely, but then was silenced for a bit after Brittney called her the “chihuahua in the house.” But near the end, before Courtney came on stage, Samantha let loose one more zinger, which was sadly but understandably, cut from the show: “Ben came out of this wanting to say he f—-ed a model.”

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