'Bachelorette's' Ashley Hebert Gets Closure With Bentley

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Portrait 2011

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert

The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert say she's finally getting closure with her ill-fated relationship with Bentley, who left the show earlier this season claiming he was in love with Emily Maynard.

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Reflecting on this week's episode, in which Bentley returned, Hebert blogs on People.com, "With all of the negativity surrounding the Bentley debacle and the viewers' inability to understand how I was unable to see through what seemed to be a very obvious facade, I am here with an explanation and hopefully final "closure" to this never-ending saga."

"In last night's episode, I hope you were finally able to see what Bentley was consistently doing in each conversation with me. His ego and competitiveness made him want to "get the girl," but you know, as well as I do (now), that I was certainly not what he wanted," she says.

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"But he continually fed me lines like, "I didn't think I would miss you as much as I did," and, "Come to Salt Lake City." It was only at this meeting that I was able to clearly see the way he would try to smooth talk his way into my heart and then attempt to crush it on his way out. Looking back, one would think that I would be fearful that my judgment was not intact. However, I am more fearful of the fact that there are men out there so convincing of untruth," she goes on.

Still, Hebert hasn't given up on love, writing that she's "hopeful of finding a man who would never make me question myself, or treat another person with such lack of regard."

"Truth is the only way to build a real love. And in more ways than one, this episode marks the beginning of my beautiful, truthful, honest, genuine love story," she writes.