'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert, JP Don't Want Television Careers

"I don't think you'll be seeing us on TV unless you TIVO'd those episodes," she says.
Matt Klitscher/ABC

Ashley Hebert won't be following in the footsteps of former Bachelor runner-up Melissa Rycroft and launching a television career.

"I don't think you'll be seeing us on TV unless you TIVO'd those episodes," Hebert, a dental student, told reporters during a Bachelorette conference call on Tuesday -- the day after she accepted a proposal from JP Rosenbaum on the finale of the ABC reality show.

Rycroft, who was dumped by Jason Mesnick on live TV on the After the Final Rose special in 2009, went on to become a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Good Morning America.

They may not even get married on television, as Trista and Ryan Sutter did. "And as far as having it done on TV, we talk about it in jest sometimes, but no real thought has gone into it," said Rosenbaum (via RealityTVWorld.com).

Hebert also discussed who she thinks should be the next Bachelor.

"I think Ben would be really, really good," she said, referring to runner-up Ben Flajnik, from whom she rejected a proposal on Monday's episode. "I think a ton of girls would love him, but I also think Ryan [Park] and Ames [Brown] would be good. Any of those guys would be great and we would love to watch any of them."

Added Rosenbaum: "It was such a great group of guys that you really can't go wrong, I don't think, with any of them. I would certainly watch Ben or Ames or Ryan -- any of those guys as the Bachelor."


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