'Bachelorette's' Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum Reveal Wedding Date on 'Good Morning America' (Video)

Hebert also jokes that her fiance is now “BFF” with her sister Chrystie, who voiced disapproval of the engagement on Monday’s finale.
Matt Klitscher/ABC

The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert and her new fiance JP Rosenbaum appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday to discuss the finale, their engagement and when they'll wed.

Being able to go out in public now that the ABC reality show has ended "is such a weight off our shoulders," says Hebert.

"It was kind of fun at first to keep the secret, but then toward the ends, we were ready to get it out in the open," added Rosenbaum.

When Robin Roberts asked Hebert what she saw in Rosenbaum, she said, "Look at him! I mean, he's very charming. I would say very different things about him from the proposal then to what I'd say now. We have a very solid relationship. We complement each other so well. He's exactly what I'm looking for… He's been my rock. Everything that happened this season really brought us closer. We're a great combination."

Rosenbaum admitted at first he was determined to win because his appearance on the show was "completely about ego… I want to win. I want to beat all those guys." But, as the season wore on, "that all changes. You just fall for the girl. And looking back, it was definitely [our date in] Hong Kong that changed for me. It comes to a point where it's no longer about beating him, but, 'Wow, I want to be with her.'"

Hebert warned Rosenbaum as the show was airing that she gets hot and heavy with the contestants on air.

"We talked about it before it aired, we talked about it after," Rosenbaum told Roberts. "All my concerns, she addressed. She's completely reassuring and comforting. She was wonderful throughout all of it."

Hebert says her sister Chrystie, who originally disapproved the engagement, has changed her tune.

"They're BFFs," joked Hebert. "I think [seeing it on TV] brought them closer."

"From the second we got home, she's sweet and supportive and a very different person," added Rosenbaum.

So what's next for the couple?

"She's going to move to New York, but first finish up school at U Penn," said Rosenbaum of Hebert, who is a dental student. "She'll get a job, we'll get settled and then talk about wedding. Maybe end of next year, fall of next year."

What do they say about skeptics of their made-for-tv love affair?

"We're going to prove them wrong," said Hebert. Added Rosenbaum, "Definitely, this is something special."


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