'The Bachelorette': Ashley Hebert Speak Out About Monday’s Dramatic Episode

She talks about Ryan’s brief return, and Constantine’s early departure.
Guy D'Alema/ABC

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, viewers were in for two surprises as one contestant returned to win over Ashley’s heart, and another left the show early.

In the light of morning, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is giving her two cents on what happened in last night’s episode.

Hebert first wrote about the surprise return of Ryan, who she had dismissed mid-date in an earlier episode. The solar energy executive returned in hopes of winning over Hebert’s heart.

Hebert was surprised by Ryan’s return, but felt that he had a good reason for coming back.

“I certainly understood why he felt the need to come back,” she said. “When I said goodbye to Ryan, I felt uncertain about my decision and I think he sensed that. I can see how it just didn't make sense because I never really voiced any true concerns with him.”

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Ryan gave Hebert some time to think about if she wanted him to return, but she eventually decided that she did not.

“Once I was able to spend time with each of the remaining guys, I knew that I had found what I was looking for within them,” said Hebert on her blog at People.

“So, once again I had to say goodbye to Ryan. Saying goodbye a second time was not much different than the first. It broke my heart.”

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The episode continued to surprise viewers when one of the remaining contestants, Constantine, decided to leave the show. While he had always been vocal about his slower pace in falling in love, it had seemed that Hebert and Constantine had finally become closer on last week’s hometown dates. However, when it came to the overnight dates, Constantine decided he wasn’t in love, and left the show.

“Our conversation at dinner quickly touched upon both of our concerns, and though I was willing to use every last minute to see if time was what we needed, Constantine didn't surprise me by saying goodbye,” said Hebert.

Hebert will choose between the final two contestants, Ben and J.P., in the finale episode.