'Bachelorette': Emily Maynard Questions Contestant's Previous Relationship With Show Producer

Bachlorette Emily Maynard Arie on Beach - H 2012

Bachlorette Emily Maynard Arie on Beach - H 2012

The producers of The Bachelorette are professionals at saving a little drama for the final episodes of the season, so it should surprise no one that they decided the week before the always-important hometown dates to drop a mini-bomb on Emily Maynard.

Maynard is told that one of her final contestants, racecar driver Arie Luyendyk, once had a relationship with Bachelorette producer, Caddie Lambert.

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The segment starts with host Chris Harrison talking to the audience about a “very brief” relationship Luyendyk had with producers Lambert more than 10 years ago.

“Emily had no idea about this relationship when production began. But Cassie took it upon herself to tell Emily about it as soon as it became apparent that Emily was developing some serious feelings for Arie,” says Harrison.

And then one of the most awkward segments in Bachelorette history begins, with Labert (off-camera) interviewing Maynard about the surprising news.

“If he's okay with hiding that he even knows you, much less dated you, what the f--- else is he hiding?" Maynard says. “He’s a good actor.”

Lambert tried to defend Luyendyk, saying that the relationship was many years ago, and they aren’t really in touch anymore.

Maynard admits that she’s not as upset that they had a relationship, but that Luyendyk did not to mention it to her.

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"Now I feel like an idiot," Maynard says. "This isn't even a production thing, it's a real-life thing. I know something about Arie that he isn't telling me."

After that rambling confessional, Maynard realizes she knows something about Luyendyk that he’s not telling her.

The show then cuts to Maynard and Luyendyk talking, as she tried to drag him into admitting the relationship. It’s a long conversation about honesty and openness, but all Arie ends up admitting is that he once had a tattoo of an ex. However, he doesn’t admit to the relationship with the producer.

Eventually, Harrison tells the audience that Maynard and Luyendyk were able to resolve their issues off camera. Luyendyk told her that he didn't mention the relationship because it was so long ago and so short that it didn’t even cross his mind.

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Despite the drama, Maynard ends up giving Luyendyk a rose, along with Jef Holm, Chris Bukowski and Sean Lowe. Doug Clerget and John Wolfner are sent home.

The remaining men will bring Maynard to their hometowns next week.

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