'Bachelorette': Emily Maynard Sends Contestant Home for Calling her 'Trophy Wife'

The Bachlorette Emily Ryan Last Date - H 2012

The Bachlorette Emily Ryan Last Date - H 2012

Ryan Bowers should have learned from Kalon McMahon that Bachelorette Emily Maynard has a low tolerance for men who say the wrong things.

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Just like McMahon was sent home after calling Maynard’s child “baggage,” Bowers got the boot after labeling Maynard a “trophy wife” on Monday’s episode.

Maynard took the remaining men to Croatia on Monday’s episode to test their abilities at such marriage material skills as kilt-wearing and archery.

Maynard gave Bowers a coveted one-on-one date, which let the 30-year-old sports trainer show his true colors.

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After the couple go on a mini-roadtrip, Bowers shares a bit about what he’s looking for in a woman.

"God makes a promise to give us great things in our life and you'd be a pretty good promise," he tells her during their date. "Like a trophy wife. Every man should believe his wife's a trophy."

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The single mom was not happy with being called a trophy wife, but lets the date continue -- and get progressively worse.

Later, Maynard, wearing a gold gown which made her look a little but like a, um, trophy, learns that Bowers also has a list of the top 12 qualities that he’s looking for in a woman. When she discovers that one very important thing isn’t on the list, she sends Bowers packing.

"On the top of my list would be a loving family," she says. "It wasn't on yours."

At the rose ceremony, Maynard struggles to decide between saving John or Doug. After a short discussion with Chris Harrison, she decides to keep both.

Next week, she’ll take the remaining men to Prague.