JoJo Breaks Down Her Final Two Men Ahead of 'The Bachelorette' Finale

THRose_The_Bachelorette_JoJo_S12E10_Still - Publicity - H 2016
Matt Klitscher/ABC

THRose_The_Bachelorette_JoJo_S12E10_Still - Publicity - H 2016

And then there were two.

In a matter of hours, Bachelor nation will watch Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher pick between her final two contestants, Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes. Each gentleman comes with his own set of controversy; Jordan, the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, has been accused of cheating on his former girlfriend and of going on The Bachelorette for the fame he never found through pro football. Meanwhile, JoJo and Robby have fought over whether the former Olympic swimmer broke up with his long-term girlfriend just to sign up for the dating series.

That’s quite a lot of baggage, but nothing the Texan can’t handle. Ahead of the season 12 finale, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with JoJo about why she feels so strongly about her two athletes.

“My favorite quality about Robby is how open he is with his emotions," JoJo tells THR. "How he’s able to really put himself out there and be completely vulnerable."

She continues, “He was the first guy to tell me that he loved me and he stayed that way consistently.”

Robby told the bachelorette he loved her during their first one-on-one date in Uruguay. On their fantasy suite date last Monday, JoJo shared with the Florida man that his use of the “L-word” early on helped her open up and trust him.

Trust has been far more challenging in her relationship with Jordan. For the past few weeks, JoJo has expressed concerns with the 27-year-old, culminating in a tough conversation before their night together in the fantasy suite. JoJo grilled the former quarterback to determine if he could commit to "forever” and admitted his instability made her “nervous.” She added, “It makes me feel that in six months you can get a phone call and be like, ‘Well, peace! I’m out.”

But both on the show and when speaking with THR, she seems to put her worries aside. “With Jordan, my favorite thing about him was his ability to put me at ease and to make me laugh and in a lot of situations where I should have been very nervous,” JoJo tells THR.

She adds, “He was one of the only guys who was able to ease that for me. We had a really great friendship, relationship, romance. There was a lot there.”

ABC’s previews of Monday night’s finale (below) show that JoJo's final decision will be an emotional one. Stay tuned for the big moment to see who JoJo picks when The Bachelorette and After the Final Rose kickoff at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. THR will be live-blogging the event, so share your thoughts below and on Twitter with the #THRose hastag.