'The Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Andi Dorfman Gets Engaged

Andi sent her runner-up home early and then accepted a marriage proposal from her final guy, telling him: "I have loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you."
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Andi Dorfman left one guy stunned and another elated when she cut the runner-up before he could even pick out a ring on tonight's The Bachelorette season 10 finale. 

The episode began with Andi introducing Nick to her parents in the Dominican Republic. Andi felt badly that Nick was so nervous, and her mom, Patti, instantly picked up on the fact that the two weren't holding hands. (Moms always know best, don't they?) But Nick managed to win Patti over and even made her cry by professing his love, while Andi's dad, Hy, said he could see Nick as a son-in-law. Still, her parents didn't seem completely smitten with him.

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Next, Josh met the folks, with mom Patti immediately feeling that he was too loud. Andi's sister Rachel was worried that Josh was too similar to Andi's exes, but she eventually took to him. Hy — who was coincidentally dressed exactly like Josh, in a purple shirt and white shorts — was worried that Andi and Josh just have a "camp romance," suggesting more about Hy's mistrust of the show than anything to do with Josh. Indeed, Hy did give Josh his blessing and seemed to warm to him. 

Andi got a last date with each guy. She went yachting in the Caribbean with Josh, as most people do on any normal date. She finally let go of her hang-up about how Josh is too much "her type." (If we never hear Andi say the words "my type" again, it'll be too soon.) She was especially impressed that Josh made her a baseball card that says "Andi Murray," using his last name. (Wait: Isn't "Andy Murray" the name of a pro tennis player?)

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Then Nick and Andi went off-roading, followed by Nick giving her a necklace with sand from the beach where he first told her he loved her. Nick kept worrying about where he stood and asked Andi to reassure him that he wouldn't be heartbroken. Ultimately, he was pleased with her response and felt more confident than ever. 

Josh met with jeweler Neil Lane to pick out an engagement ring for Andi. Nick was about to do the same, but instead he got a surprise visit from Andi, which was not a good sign, given her penchant for eliminating people before the rose ceremony. She told Nick she felt something wasn't right with them and she worried that being with him would cause her to constantly overanalyze everything. Nick told Andi he wished she hadn't gotten his hopes up. On the ride to the airport, Nick called himself a "fool."

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With Nick out of the picture, Josh met with Andi and gave a speech about her smile and their love. Andi responded by saying she loved him from the moment she first saw him. She accepted Josh's marriage proposal and gave him the final rose. (See, Juan Pablo Galavis — that's what a proposal looks like.) During the "After the Final Rose" special, they said they hope to marry in spring of 2015.

Meanwhile, Nick said he still has feelings for Andi and has repeatedly tried to contact her. They finally spoke at "After the Final Rose," with Nick having trouble believing that Andi never loved him. He even dropped a bombshell by saying she shouldn't have slept with him if she didn't love him. Andi was rightfully hurt by his comment and said that she indeed cared about him. (Presumably, she doesn't care about him anymore after that comment.)

Do you think Andi chose the right person, and do you think they'll get married? Who do you want to be the next Bachelor? And is that sand necklace the ugliest piece of jewelry you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments!

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