'The Bachelorette': Kaitlyn Chooses Final Two Guys, Fighting Ensues

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Still - H 2015

Kaitlyn narrowed her guys down to the final two on Monday's installment of The Bachelorette, which involved tears and a heated argument. Also, ABC proved once and for all that the only way to make golf watchable is if someone is running around naked.

The reality show's episode began with Shawn and Nick still bickering, until they both agreed to stop the petty nonsense and respect each other as rivals. (Just kidding. They're actually big fans of the petty nonsense.) Kaitlyn's first date was with Ben, where she revealed that she has never ridden a horse before and was worried they can smell fear. She really hates animals, doesn't she?

During the date, Kaitlyn said, "It felt like a fairy tale, riding on a horse with a beautiful man," although she apparently neglected to acknowledge that most fairy tales don't involve a fight over the words "Eskimo brothers" breaking out between the two other guys you're dating. Later, Ben pointed out that he's younger than Kaitlyn and called her "the hottest older woman I've ever seen," proving that Ben is still learning the finer points of this whole dating thing. The two ended up spending the night together in a castle, and Kaitlyn said she got "half an hour's sleep." TMI, Kaitlyn

On their one-on-one golf date, Shawn put on brightly colored clothes, although he didn't spend too much time in them. Kaitlyn suggested they play truth or dare, and when Shawn picked "dare," she couldn't say the words "you have to streak" fast enough. Indeed, Shawn was soon completely naked and chasing Kaitlyn across the green. In other words, this date wasn't quite as much like a fairy tale as the last one. 

Later in the date, Kaitlyn told Shawn what Nick said about him sleeping with a country singer, leading to Shawn calling Nick "terrible" and "delusional." Shawn tried to explain what actually happened with the country singer, but Kaitlyn said he shouldn't tell her, although it's unlikely that a single viewer would have wanted her to say that. Despite the drama, Kaitlyn and Shawn shared the fantasy suite. 

The next day, there was yet another heated confrontation between Shawn and Nick, with Shawn saying, "If I hear my name come out of your mouth one more time, it's not going to be pretty." Shawn then said, "Get the f— out of my place right now." So it was a productive sit-down, is what we're trying to say.

At the rose ceremony, Kaitlyn broke down and needed a minute to herself before handing out the roses. Finally, she picked Nick and Shawn, leaving Ben to catch the next horse out of town. 

It was time for the hometown dates, which are usually for the top four guys. Kaitlyn got to meet Nick's family, with Nick's mom particularly concerned that her son would get his heart broken yet again. His little sister Bella cut to the chase and asked Kaitlyn if she was in love with Nick, as Bella and the producers apparently don't see eye-to-eye on how quickly things should move along on this show.

Nick talked to his mom and told her that Kaitlyn is "great at making out," because clearly his mom would be concerned that Kaitlyn was only a so-so kisser. Finally, Nick and Kaitlyn got some time to themselves, where Nick told her they should make babies, which resulted in Kaitlyn basically dying from laughter. Ouch.

At Shawn's family's place, Shawn confused everyone by telling them he was the only guy left. Then, Shawn's dad demonstrated how much he has liked getting to know Kaitlyn by asking Shawn about their relationship, "What the hell's going on?" Finally, Shawn told Kaitlyn that he's in love with her, which led to Kaitlyn's tears over the fact that she has feelings for both guys. In other words, the finale cannot come soon enough.

Do you think Kaitlyn will pick Nick or Shawn? Would Ben make a good Bachelor? Are you planning to call your mom and give her details on your all-time best kisses? Let us know in the comments!

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